September 01, 2011

Feet on the Street: Observations from the Dreamforce Campground

I am here at Dreamforce demoing isaac, our recently introduced “social” networking solution in the Enterasys ‘campground’ and I just had to share some of the comments that I have been hearing these past two days. First off, our campground has been getting a lot of activity and it looks as if we are the only company that truly has a product that is live and deployed. I am actually overhearing other companies in the campground (who are only ‘telling’ folks about their products which are in the vision stage) directing people to stop by our campground to ‘see’ a live working demo –it’s free advertising at its best!

The isaac demo has people truly in awe. Comments like “wow, this is really cool!” and “this is already available?!” and “oh, so this is the Enterasys demo that we’ve been hearing about all around the office…” are all I hear. A few people have asked me if anyone else is doing this right now and when I tell them that we are the only networking vendor that is doing anything like this, you should see the look of shock and wonder on their faces. People are simply amazed that we are the first to innovate this technology. It is so great to be here and to witness people’s initial thoughts as they see a ground-breaking, industry-first solution that promises to make the “social enterprise”a reality.

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