July 08, 2013

ExtremeLive Webinar on Tuesday July 16: Converged Infrastructure

Why Converged Infrastructures are Radically Reshaping the IT Investment Process,  and What It Means You

The Converged Infrastructure market is predicted to reach $74 billion by 2017, a 52% CAGR that includes Networking, Storage, and Compute. These pre-designed, pre-tested systems are increasingly providing customers with a combination of high value and higher degrees of reliability, performance, and flexibility. For Extreme Networks Partners, Converged Infrastructure presents huge opportunity to grow revenue and customer loyalty.

To help expand your opportunities, in addition to our inclusion in EMC’s VSPEX “building block” architecture,  we are delighted to announce our newest partnering agreement with Lenovo.  This relationship with Lenovo provides both Extreme Networks and our Partners expanded market reach, access to a high performance portfolio, pretested and optimized for mission critical deployments, and joint sales and marketing initiatives that  will deliver competitive edge in this burgeoning marketplace.

Learn more about the Converged Infrastructure and the our Lenovo partnership on Tuesday, July 16, at 8am and 6pm Pacific Standard Time  (11am EST and 9PM EST).  register today.

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