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Simple but Powerful Cloud Wired and Wireless Management

Adapts and grows with your business

Manage Your Wired and Wireless Networks Across Distributed Locations With Limited IT Staff

ExtremeCloud is a wired and wireless cloud network management solution that scales and adapts to your business. It offers advanced visibility and control over users and applications. Makes it easy to improve application performance and troubleshoot issues. ExtremeCloud protects your investment by adapting to changing business needs and architecture without an expensive “rip-and-replace”.

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Simplicity of the Cloud …. On-Premise

Designed for Enterprises who love the simplicity of ExtremeCloud™ and want an on-premise solution, ExtremeCloud Appliance delivers cloud-like simplicity, management with tightly integrated services and features, complemented with simplified licensing.

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Simple management, faster problem resolution with multi-site visibility and control.

ExtremeCloud delivers visibility and control over traffic flows at the ingress point into the network up to layer 7.

The following Extreme Networks Access Points and Switches are supported by ExtremeCloud


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