October 01, 2013

Extreme TradeUp Program for North America is also Green

The electronic waste industry is booming and not necessarily in a good way. The Environmental Protection Agency says that the US federal government discards some 10,000 computers per week and Pike Research says the number of electronic devices at end-of-life will double from 2010 to 2025. It is estimated that as much as 60 million tons of e-waste could end up as landfill. There are many efforts to stem the tide of course — the European Commission recently said that by 2015 75% of e-waste must be recovered and 65% of it recycled (after 2020, 85% must be recycled).

Introducing the Extreme Networks TradeUp™ Program. This unique, new competitive displacement program helps our partners in North America develop new sales opportunities and provide customers with a turn-key asset recovery program.  Bottom line, this program will make you money and make upgrades and asset disposition easier for your customers.

Click here to learn how this program can impact your sales, margin and “green” disposal efforts.


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