November 25, 2012

Extreme Networks From the Eyes of a Newbie

Adeline Goh, Rockstar

Adeline Goh, Director, APAC Marketing for Extreme Networks

This is only my 10th week with Extreme Networks and I must say it is an awesome place to be in.  One may think I’m saying this just because I ‘had’ to. Truth of the matter is, I’m encouraged, excited and confident because I’ve only seen great things so far. Yes, we may have the occasional issue and challenges just like every other organization does. But the difference with Extreme Networks is simple. The Extreme team has passion.

We have great sales teams that have been with Extreme for a decade or more and they are still continuously performing, excited and passionate about what they do and who we are as a company.  And this attitude is translated to great partnerships and relationships with our channel partners in the region.

Being new, I tried to find out more about Extreme Networks through the eyes of our partners and what I found out impressed me. We just had our annual APAC partner conference in Chiang Mai. Now, I’ve been to many partner conferences, but this is the first time I have seen such excellent teamwork and cohesiveness not just within an the organization but also among channel partners as well. There were partners who have been with us for almost 10 years. Partners who have gone through a variety of ups and downs with us and still remain loyal with Extreme Networks.

As with most channel conferences, a team building session was part of the agenda. What was amazing about this conference was the type of activities we had. Staying true to our brand, the activities veered towards fun with a twinge of extremism. Instead of golf games and sightseeing tours like most conferences would have, we had ATV rides, survival classes in the jungle and drift car racing.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince me of the great relationship Extreme Networks has with our partners, we had two senior executives from our partner community volunteer to help us  load presentation content into USB  sticks for all the partners. It was clearly important to these executives that we deliver the best possible experience to our partners. This was an excellent example of teamwork.

USB Loading Party

Any partner conference will never be complete without a gala dinner, and though we almost had a little bit of a crisis when it started to drizzle a little just before our gala dinner started , it all worked out and the skies cleared just in time for Extremists and partners to gather to launch the hot-air lanterns up into the skies. It was an amazing sight, partners and Extreme as one under skies lit by paper lanterns.

The rest of the evening was for the Extreme Partners. With Extremists leading Gangnam Style dances throughout the night, executives dancing along with partners and an award ceremony for partners who over achieved last year.  It was a great night for a great team.

As I look forward to the months ahead till we have our next partner conference, I know for a fact that great things will come out of this amazing team of Extremists and Partners.

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