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Your Network Infrastructure Can Have A Dramatic Effect On Costs And Benefits Throughout Your Organization

Bob Nilsson Director, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 21 Oct 2020

New Tool to Assess The Business Value of Cloud Managed Networking

Your network infrastructure has a far more profound effect on your business than you may realize. Reliable connectivity is certainly most important, but did you know that moving your network management to the cloud can dramatically save costs in terms of reduced downtime, improved security, better reporting, and increased IT efficiency? These benefits extend well beyond the IT department, delivering enormous payback across your entire organization.

Do The Math: The Business Value of Extreme’s Cloud Solution

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Increased IT Efficiency

With ExtremeCloud™ IQ, you can change the way you manage your environment and reduce the amount of time your IT staff spends managing the environment, freeing them to focus on more value-added projects. What is it about traditional IT management that makes it so complex, time consuming, and costly? It is all about the resources and how they are applied. Do I need to manage a 100-device network differently than a 1000 device network, or can I manage it in a single comprehensive system? Do I need to individually manage 15 separate sites or can I treat it as a single entity?  Do I really need to dispatch a service tech for all issues? Or can I use ML/AI to filter and even resolve issues and send techs only as required? Managing your network from the cloud simplifies all of this. Our ROI tool calculates savings based on the ESG Quantifying the Value of Extreme Networks report and data from current Extreme Networks customers.

With ExtremeCloud™ IQ, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to solve incidents by providing real-time troubleshooting, help-desk optimized interface with problem summary and suggested remedy, and the ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely. You can also reduce the amount of time it takes to complete service requests with streamlined problem resolution and the ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues remotely.

Reduced Downtime

Today, if your network goes down it means your closed for business. You have lost access to your employees, lost access to corporate resources, lost access to needed applications, and most importantly, your customers have lost access to you.  How long before the IT department goes into crisis mode?  How long before C-levels go into crisis mode? How long before your on-line customers go somewhere else? Studies have shown that it takes a broken link and 10 seconds to lose a customer. Cloud-based network management tools can predict, identify, mitigate, and resolve issues before anyone notices. Availability of 99.999% is great, but that 0.001% is going to happen at the most inopportune time. You need an enterprise management service with 00.000% downtime, no nines, 100% uptime. This eliminates all impacts to the business as well as employee productivity.

Better Reporting

Everyday tens of thousands of management events occur on your network— no business has the resources to continually monitor all network traffic, protocols, connections, events. And using reporting tools can be burdensome as multiple systems require diverse reports and manual reviews. What if a single system could manage your network operation, NAC services, IoT, and security, providing pertinent information to the appropriate individuals to create the weekly IT reports or to deal with immediate issues? ExtremeCloud IQ gives you the ability to pull together system-wide reports from one screen, easily drill down into data to reduce the amount of time your IT staff spends on creating reports for the line of business owners.

Improved Security

As technology and working arrangements have changed due to the pandemic, remote and working from home threat vectors have expanded exponentially. Potential breaches can be costly to your data, your organization’s reputation, and your bottom line, but there are ways to enable remote access  and still maintain security visibility and control. Software VPNs by themselves is not enough and do not validate the remote sites. What if you could allow remote users to expand the enterprise to the remote site with all your corporate security rules, traffic policies, and management tools? In this way you eliminate the costs and headaches associated with costly security breaches. To ensure the highest levels of information systems and data protection, management, and compliance, ExtremeCloud IQ is ISO/IEC 27001 certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

Give the Cloud Value Tool a quick spin and see how much benefit ExtremeCloud IQ can bring to your organization.

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