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5 reasons why a Powerful Wi-Fi Network enables Manufacturers to Achieve Better Business Outcomes.

Andrea Quintero Content Marketing Specialist Published 6 Jan 2023

Technology changes the way we do things. Technological advancements affect how we communicate, do business and live. The manufacturing industry is no stranger to this. A few centuries ago, manufacturers were skilled craftsmen whose products had limited demand. therefore, if you wanted a pair of shoes, you went to the local shoemaker to have them custom-made. Modern manufacturing, understood by today’s industrial standards, appeared around 1780 when the Industrial Revolution brought its product mechanization. Manufacturers have been able to advance thanks to technology throughout history. However, the Wi-Fi network is the backbone of the progress made in the last couple of decades. All those connected pieces can now work seamlessly together because of Wi-Fi.

How has a powerful Wi-Fi infrastructure helped manufacturers to achieve better business outcomes?

  1. Better communication between employees and production teams: Enabling fast and efficient contact while providing real-time coordination and information flow.
  2. Easier control and monitoring of production through network-connected sensors and devices: Allowing production to be optimized and efficiently made.
  3. Easier collection and analysis of production data: Facilitating decision-making.
  4. Faster inventory management: Enabling optimization of material flows through the production process.
  5. Increased process automation: Allowing machine and equipment monitoring through wireless connections.

Watch how the Kraft Group has unlocked new ways to streamline its factory operations thanks to a powerful Wi-Fi network by Extreme Networks.

During the last decade, a technological explosion has introduced progress as well as emerging challenges to Manufacturers. Whatever the changes or challenges the industry faces, Extreme enables manufacturers to keep pace while advancing their business and technology needs.

Discover how technology is a key enabler to finding opportunities in the middle of the difficulties. 

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