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Wi-Fi at the Westfield Babe Ruth World Series Hits a Home Run

George Smith Principal Systems Engineer Published 26 Jun 2018

The Babe Ruth League World Series kicked-off this week with baseball players from across the nation and Puerto Rico gathering in Westfield, Massachusetts for a chance to win the coveted title. This year, western Massachusetts will host the tournament for the 14-year-old age group and support the longstanding tradition of baseball that we all know as America’s pastime. The event is highly anticipated, and will be broadcasted worldwide with organizers, players and spectators expecting a seamless and enjoyable experience each day.

As fans enjoy the action on the field, Extreme Networks will be working behind the scenes to equip Billy Bullens Field with state-of-the-art, high density Wi-Fi capabilities. Providing an enhanced Wi-Fi network presents challenges in any case, but at an older ball park that typically does not rely on this type of network connectivity, it required unique solutions to ensure reliability and security. To make the park game-day ready, Extreme leveraged its ExtremeWireless, ExtremeSwitching, ExtremeManagement and ExtremeAnalytics to deliver technology that would solve the challenges of insufficient wireless connectivity at the field, extend real-time, reliable access to applications and services on mobile devices and provide an interactive experience for fans watching around the globe.

Prior to the implementation, Extreme conducted a predictive analysis to ensure its systems would optimize the efficiency of network operations. In addition, Extreme partnered with Carousel Industries, which performed the initial overall design plan and provided their Extreme demo gear for the full implementation of Extreme’s solution. From there, Extreme strategically deployed eight access points across the venue, which will bring network connectivity to the entire park throughout the event. These access points will also enable Extreme to collect analytics around network performance and mobile engagement patterns for those using the free Wi-Fi network at the park.


Extreme will also have Wi-Fi coaches and volunteers from Carousel available on-site to help with basic connectivity and troubleshooting general problems related to the network. These solutions will help monitor bandwidth and ensure that there are no connectivity issues during the event.

Wi-Fi is important at any sporting event to ensure a quality experience for the fans that have come out to support their team. With mobility now being part of any event fans go to, deploying a high-density Wi-Fi network is becoming a utility not a luxury. Whether it’s sharing the experience via photo or video, looking up information or sending live updates from the stadium with those who are not there, fans want to connect with each other in ways that we once thought would never be possible. Here at Extreme, we’re happy to help this iconic event maintain its age-old traditions, while simultaneously providing an infrastructure that ensures the thousands of attendees are still able to enjoy today’s network conveniences.

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