Wi-Fi Analytics & Contextual Engagement in Hospitality

Ryan Hall Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 26 Jun 2018

Creating Personalized Guest Engagement in Hospitality 

With customers stating that free Wi-Fi is their #1 most important hotel amenity, it is clear that providing quality and consistent mobile connectivity is a necessary component for a positive guest experience.  A purpose-built Wi-Fi solution meets the demands of today’s connected guest, but it is also a strategic business asset, especially for a property’s ability to leverage Wi-Fi analytics and location-based services.         

Wi-Fi analytics provides visibility into network and application performance, allowing properties to easily identify and mitigate potential inferences that would negatively impact the mobile experience onsite for guests. 

Analytics also delivers detailed, actionable intelligence related to guests and their mobile engagement behaviors back to the business. Tapping this data is invaluable for the brand to better understand their guests to improve and personalize their guests’ experience.

Location-based services and solutions may still be an emerging space, but it’s a high priority on list of initiatives for Hospitality.  In fact, 75% of hotels and resorts plan to leverage location-based services in the next year.  But why?

Location-based analytical data provides a means to create an integrated and personalized experience for guests.  Benefits to implementing a location-based solution include:

  • React to key events in the hotel or on the property in real-time
  • Identify guests as they enter property
  • Engage with guests related to their location
  • Enable contextual and personalized marketing
  • Provide visibility of available staff and property assets
  • Alert employees on important tasks or requests
  • Analyse guest behaviour to optimise offerings and services

Learn more about the importance of Wi-Fi analytics, contextual engagement, and location-based services in Hospitality how you can personalize your guest wireless experience

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