Why Network Services Make Good Business Sense: Augmenting Innovation Efforts by Supporting Your IT Team

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 14 Apr 2021

Digital transformation is accelerating, creating more opportunities for innovation and revenue generation. A great deal of computing and security changes are happening within the IT realm to better enable transformation, and the network is the foundation. At the same time, transformation brings complexity, and even large enterprises aren’t prepared to manage the many facets of upending the way business is done; people, processes, and technology included. This calls for greater investment in IT services, and the network is no exception. A nimble, responsive, and reliable network lays the groundwork for rising to the challenges of transformation, but it’s not always easy to achieve internally.

Network teams across all industries are feeling the pressure:

  • 36% are facing budget constraints
  • 21% have difficulty recruiting the right skill sets
  • 26% are challenged to implement security within the network (ESG)

The market is responding to the skills gap, financial obstacles, and security concerns with new, diversified service offerings. According to Gartner, this year…

  • IT services will be a key driver for IT spending. The market is forecast to hit $1 trillion.
  • The information security products and services market worldwide is forecast to grow 8.7 percent to $124 billion.

“Strategic technology trends have the potential to drive significant disruption and deliver significant opportunity. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must evaluate these top trends to identify opportunities, counter threats and create competitive advantage.” – Gartner, Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2019

5 Reasons Enterprises Need Network Services to Get Ahead

1. Cost control

Technology innovations are costly, and so is trying to take on the IT complexity of today using an internal team exclusively. Opting for network services to augment your internal efforts often results in significant cost savings.

2. Staying current with cutting-edge network technologies

The digital world demands new strategies for staying competitive, and technology is number one. Engaging network services will guarantee that your business is using the latest technologies, rather than staying tied to aging hardware or a solution that’s not scaling. There are a number of innovative network technologies available in the market to put your business ahead of the game; features like automation, analytics, AI, edge networking, and more await. A network services provider will keep you informed as to what new technologies will put you in a better position to compete.

3. Increased operational efficiency

Opting for network services allows staff to escape the pressures of red alerts and blinking lights and focus on the innovative projects that are going to make a difference in your organization. Depending on what sorts of network function you’re looking to offload, from monitoring to upgrades, a number of services are available to improve the pace and precision with which your business operates.

4. No fear for downtime

We’ve all heard the numbers when it comes to the costs of downtime. Relying on a proven network partner for network operations eliminates the need to worry about glitches in the network. You can trust that there won’t be any unexpected expenses or PR disasters as a consequence of network failure.

5. Flexibility

Trusting a partner with network responsibilities makes it easier to make modifications to your infrastructure or solution set in response to changes in the business. A solid partner will be flexible in service delivery.

Giving Our Customers Real Options: Extreme Networks Services

“Here’s what we bring to the customer: the guarantee that we’re giving recommendations they can trust, and implementing the right solution to the very best of our collective abilities.”  – Rob Rosa, Vice President, Worldwide Service Sales, Extreme Networks

The truth is, all OEMs are very aware of industry growth when it comes to services, thus they all offer some variation. It’s no longer about the network alone, but a complete solution from hardware to support. The problem is, not all network vendors follow best practices for delivery, or offer internal resources with adequate industry expertise. This is what makes Extreme truly different: flexible service options that will effectively meet the demands of our customers, delivered via an established best practice methodology, by experts with proven industry tenure.

In a fast-paced, digital world, enterprises throughout every industry deserve to experience the value of trusting a proven partner with their advanced network needs. This is why we offer a diverse range of Extreme Networks Services, all built to maximize the effectiveness of your network and create a long-lasting partnership.

  • Rated #1 for services and support in Gartner Peer insights reviews 
  • 100% insourced service and support
  • 94% of support calls are resolved by the first person who answered the call 

“Extreme uses a best practice methodology we refer to as ‘plan, design, implement, and operate,’ similar to the PMI methodology. We follow this religiously, and we use our knowledge to implement a solution that addresses all of the customer’s needs.” – Mark Blouch, Director of Professional Services, Extreme Networks

Here’s an overview of what we offer:

1. Professional Services

Extreme Professional Services provide access to highly skilled networking specialists to tackle all of your networking needs.

Professional Services includes:

    • Assessment services
    • Project management
    • Advanced integration
    • Implementation
    • Technical training
    • Global infrastructure services
    • On-site management and support
    • Performance optimization
    • Security

2. Premier Services

Extreme Networks Premier Services provide you with a personal advocate who will track every case from beginning to end.

What Premier Services include:

    • Always-available, award-winning technical assistance
    • High-touch, single point of contact
    • Priority case queuing
    • Comprehensive customer advocacy across the support spectrum, including service requests, product needs, and information requests
    • Expertise in networking trends and best practices via your support team

3. ExtremeWorks Maintenance Services

ExtremeWorks Maintenance Services eliminate all boundaries of problem-solving.

What ExtremeWorks Maintenance Services include:

    • Award-winning technical assistance available 24/7
    • Software updates and upgrades
    • Hardware replacement options with or without onsite
    • Web support
    • Anytime access to ExtremeWorks knowledge base
    • Next Business Day or four hour delivery for faulty product replacement

4. Managed Services

Extreme Managed Services are offered as managed, ITIL-based services designed to maximize the impact of your IT department.

What Extreme Managed Services include:

    • The ability to monitor and manage Extreme Networks devices
    • Proactive management of network availability and performance
    • A single point of contact for all network performance needs and changes.
    • Focus on the network’s performance, health, and security

5. Training

Extreme Networks delivers world-class learning programs for our partners, distributors, and customers.

Extreme Networks Training options:

Training Courses

    • Extreme Networks offers a wide selection of instructor-led and self-paced technical courses.


    • A modular approach to technical certification training focused on practical, hands-on learning.

6. Extreme Campus Agreement

A way to provide students with a state-of-the-art network at a fixed, per student price.

What Extreme Campus Agreement includes:

    • Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC) access
    • E-Support/access to Extreme Support Portal
    • Software subscription license
    • Software updates/upgrades
    • Hardware replacement next business day or 4 Hour options
    • On-site support next business day or 4-hour options
    • Professional services

Staying on top of the complexity that comes with digital transformation is a difficult undertaking, but you don’t have to go it alone. Extreme Networks offers a number of services designed to address the specific challenges you’re facing and accelerate your own transformation. If you’re looking to learn more about how network services can increase your competitive edge while reducing costs, reach out to an Extreme Networks Services expert. We’ll give you feedback based on the current challenges you’re experiencing.

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