Why Are Network Maintenance Services Important?

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 22 Aug 2018

Your network is no longer just supporting laptops, computers, printers or your run of the mill MP3 players. Now there are high powered security cameras, high volume guest Wi-Fi traffic, patient or customer records, ticket and card readers, and more which require higher bandwidth than in the past. In today’s age of automation and IoT, everything is digital and connected. No organization can survive without the latest infrastructure to support these digital initiatives. They require agile, adaptive, and secure connections to the network. They also need comprehensive support to prevent outages affecting various aspects of the organization.

Real-World Example

In the retail industry, big-box stores are competing with online retailers to keep customers walking in the door, rather than being lost to the conveniences of online shopping. They are transforming the customer shopping experience with new apps, guest Wi-Fi access, and new in-store guest experiences. All in an effort to turn stores into social hubs, create memorable shopping experiences, and differentiate themselves from their online counterparts. Retailers understand that 80% of millennials use their smartphones while shopping and that they need Wi-Fi to turn themselves into social hubs for customers. Any network interruption can immediately affect the customer’s shopping experience making any outage critical.

Extreme Networks has a solution to prevent network crises ensuring our customers that our team is here to help and speed up resolution times if they occur. Our ExtremeWorks Maintenance Services offering will restore your network disruption when the unexpected happens; safely averting disaster.

What Does Extreme Networks Offer?

Extreme Networks and our partners can provide around-the-clock, direct support for any network issues that come your way. Here’s a rundown of our maintenance services.

  • 24/7 technical support from our award winning GTAC
  • Next business day or 4-hour hardware replacement
  • Immediate access to upgrades
  • Online case management

Consider Protecting Your Business with Network Maintenance Services

No wants unexpected network downtime, but sometimes the circumstances are unavoidable.

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace all businesses should protect their most valued assets. The network is one of those assets! It maintains your organization’s mission critical information, business operations, and outcomes are tied to its uptime, and your customers’ experiences could be connected to it as well. It makes sense to ensure your network has the best possible maintenance plan. If a downtime does occur out of normal business hours for tech support, it is critical to make sure the problem can be fixed without impact to your customers and key stakeholders.

“We had a major air conditioning leak that ruined a remote IDF that included 20+ pieces of hardware. Extreme Networks was there on site calling all of the other vendors involved to get the problem resolved as soon as possible.”  – Fred Kirsch, Publisher & VP of Content, Kraft Sports Productions

Some of our customers ask, “If I have Limited Lifetime Warranty why would I want a maintenance agreement?”

At Extreme Networks, we stand by our products and offer Limited Lifetime Warranty on almost all hardware. The warranties cover technical support Monday thru Friday from 8-5, 15-day replacement, and access to software updates. However, this level of support will not provide your business the flexibility it needs to quickly address critical network outages should they occur.

With every maintenance contract, we are fully invested in the future success of our customers and are fully committed to making a difference to your organization. Services are an insurance policy covering organizations most critical moments because life goes beyond 8-5, Monday thru Friday. Extreme is proactive, we are here when and where you need us, anytime anywhere.

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