What Makes High Quality Customer Support?

Lisa Yeaton Senior Specialist, Social Media Published 21 Aug 2018

“We had a major air conditioning leak that ruined a remote IDF that included 20+ pieces of hardware. Extreme Networks was there on site calling all of the other vendors involved to get the problem resolved as soon as possible.” – Fred Kirsch, Publisher & VP of Content, Kraft Sports Productions

“The Extreme GTAC is great, when we’ve needed a replacement product, GTAC gets it to us faster than quoted, the shipments have never been late, and they always resolve issues quickly.” – James Temple, Vice President of Technology, College of the Canyons 

Unfortunately, technology is still not indestructible. Accidents happen and technology ages just like everything else. An organization’s network infrastructure is its backbone and it needs to stay healthy, competitive, reliable, and fully operational. It would be irresponsible not to have the best possible support for this vital infrastructure.

At Extreme Networks we stand by our products and if something goes wrong our support team is available 24/7. Our Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC), is ready to assist customers and track all aspects of a customer’s case from start to finish. The GTAC staff does not rest until each customer’s needs are resolved and expectations exceeded. Our GTAC team is a top ranked, 100% insourced, call-in technical support.

Our team is able to work quickly and efficiently because we have teams of several engineering backgrounds working together to solve problems. This staff includes customer service representatives, technical support engineers, escalation support engineers, solutions engineers, and software/hardware product engineers.


I have worked with a lot of vendors during my 10-years in technology and I have not come across another company with the same level of customer support as Extreme. It’s one of the main reasons why I love Extreme and have stayed with them.” – Roberto Dovalina, Associate Director of Digital infrastructure, St. Edwards University

Besides having a support team that can be contacted at any time by phone or email we provide a GTAC Knowledge Home page that allows customers to search for frequently asked questions or topics. The site allows you to find information related to issues or topics you would like to learn more about. The HUB is Extreme Networks community where users “share and connect with other people that are passionate about Extreme Networks.” Community members ask questions and have them answered by engineers, employees, or other Extreme users. It’s an ideal brand community for asking questions and sharing ideas. With over 4200 members and growing, Extreme is taking notice of new ideas and helping users to resolve problems quickly.


[“I would characterize our relationship with Extreme as ‘worry-free.’ The one time we had a problem, it was on a Friday and they delivered a solution over the weekend so our students and faculty were never impacted. We’ve built our capability from small to mighty over the years and they’ve been a big part of that.”- Mark Mitchell, Senior IT Manager, University of Glasgow]

Extreme values all customers, both new and long-term. We stay focused on delivering the highest quality of experience during all interactions, not just when customers need support. We understand that all customers have different needs and require exceptional care. Our world-class support team is poised to solve any problem.

At schools, colleges, and universities when the wireless or switching goes down, the learning process is greatly disrupted. In higher education students are paying to attend institutions, so when they can’t connect to Wi-Fi they aren’t going to be happy and might transfer to another institution. In business, organizations need to constantly communicate with their customers and have the payment systems operational or else they will lose revenue. Our support team is one of the best in the industry because we put customers first and understand that their business suffers if the network is not perfect. It is our job to make sure the equipment is installed properly and working efficiently so that our customers can maximize their usage and business. Enough about what we have to say, here’s what some of our customers have said:

  • “The cost savings have been extraordinary compared to competitors. Uptime has been amazing and the support we get when we’re troubleshooting is second-to-none.”- Ken Hedglen, Manager of Technology at South County Hospital Healthcare System
  • “When I had a problem years ago, I reached out to GTAC and was amazed at the support I got, it was outstanding.” – Jerry Thompson, Network Manager, Halifax Community College

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