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What Does Managing a Classroom Network Have in Common with Managing the Super Bowl?

Lisa Yeaton Specialist, Content Marketing Published 20 Oct 2016


Don’t you hate it when you are teaching or using technology in the classroom and suddenly the network connection goes down? The class goes from peaceful and educational to a roomful of restless students as loud as an NFL football stadium filled with 60,000 roaring fans.

As a student, I have had many personal experiences with classes descending into chaos because of network connection issues. From grade school to high school, if the teacher left the room to find an IT technician or stopped paying attention to us, the class would erupt in noise. In college, when the lecture gets interrupted by a faulty network connection, class is adjourned early — the professor simply can’t complete the session properly. Without technology teachers and professors are stunned and don’t know what to do for the rest of class.

When students and teachers become unfocused or distracted, chaos often ensues. If you read my blog “What Makes a BYOD Program Successful in Schools?” you know that networking and technology issues can be easily avoided with Extreme Networks Products. Bob Nilsson’s blog on “Distraction Revisited and the Role of Draconian Measures EdTech Advances On Both Sides Of The Distraction Event Horizon” describes common ways students become distracted and how to address the situation.

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Reliable Wi-Fi connections are of utmost importance in the classroom today. Supporting the Wi-Fi takes a solid wired network. Schools and institutions need to ensure that their classrooms are equipped with efficient solutions to enable learning to excel. Teachers and students shouldn’t need to worry that their lecture or teaching for that day could be deterred because of a poor network connection. They must stay focused on educating and learning.

When teachers don’t need to worry or experience network connection issues they can spend more time teaching and educating their students. With Extreme Networks, schools are ensured that their ExtremeWireless provides unparalleled high-density Wi-Fi access; Extreme Access Control makes certain that only the right users have access to the right information from the right place at the right time; ExtremeManagement provides wired/wireless visibility and control from the data center to the mobile edge; ExtremeAnalytics captures network data and aggregates, analyzes, correlates, and reports it to enable better decision making and improved business performance; ExtremeSwitching offers top-of-the-line switches for extreme performance and comprehensive coverage; ExtremeSecurity provides peace of mind with its security information and event management data; and ExtremeCloud gives IT managers a resilient and scalable cloud-based network management solution based on a subscription service. Extreme Networks is renowned for its capabilities and is on the forefront of IT solutions. Extreme Networks works for its customers to instill greatness, build relationships, and connect beyond the network.

When schools and institutions use Extreme Networks, they can rest easy knowing that they have a reliable, robust, and fast network connection.  Extreme Network solutions are so powerful they are able to provide seamless Wi-Fi and other network solutions to multiple NFL Stadiums with over 60,000 passionate fans at once. Extreme Networks is the official Wi-Fi Network Solutions Provider of the NFL and Superbowl 51.

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