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Video Series: The Approachable Guide

Marcus Burton Architect, Cloud Technology Published 4 Mar 2021

Many of you “readers” are probably here because videos are for lazy people and reading is for smarties (that’s you!). I’m glad you’re here, but sorry to burst your bubble. This blog is actually here to introduce a video series that we’ve been working on in the past few months.

I’ve teamed up with my talented pal GT Hill to record a series we call The Approachable Guide to Data Science and Machine Learning…or just The Approachable Guide.

Our entire goal was to tackle the complex and confusing terminologies and technologies surrounding cloud, data science, and machine learning. But, we’re trying to do it in an approachable, conversational way. The videos are relatively short (8-20 minutes), and we release something new about every week.

We started the video series by covering some of the cloud foundations that setup the data science conversation. We tackled microservices and containers, serverless, and cloud goodies like as-a-service models, cloud deployment models, and more. We’re also jumping in to data pipelines and the process of getting great data for use cases, and we’re on a course to make our way to dive deeper on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Okay, enough writing. Video time! 

Here’s a link to the playlist, if you want to watch on YouTube.

And our videos to-date are embedded below.

The Intro Video



As-a-Service and the Cloud Toolset

Serverless Computing

Public, Private, and Hybrid Deployment Models

ML/AI Compute and the Data Pipeline

Data Collection, Part1

And more coming soon!



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