Upgrade Your School Network During Our Two-For-One AP Sale

Bob Nilsson Published 13 Apr 2017

Upgrade Your School Network During Our Two-For-One AP Sale

Keeping up with the latest EdTech can really stress your school and campus network infrastructure. If your network can’t handle all the digital content, including video and virtual reality, required for teaching, the education quality suffers and you’ll face angry complaints from both teachers and students. Upgrading your Wi-Fi access points to 802.11ac Wave 2 can keep the content flowing; and now is the best time to experience the benefits of Wave 2 during Extreme Network’s two-for-one sale.

Remind Me Why Wave 2 Is Important

The 802.11ac Wave 2 standard provides more usable and cost-effective bandwidth than any previous generation of Wi-Fi, especially for high-density environments. The higher performance of Wave 2 comes from its support for four spatial streams compared to three in Wave 1, and wider channels (160MHz) resulting in up to 3.5GHz of potential throughput. Wave 2 also helps extend battery life by reducing the amount of time that devices’ Wi-Fi interfaces must operate to exchange data with access points before returning to their power-saving dozing state. This is all-important in classroom environments, where mobile student devices usually operate on batteries.

What About Software?

The right software is vital to successfully manage your network. So we’re providing a free, 30-day trial of ExtremeManagement network management and ExtremeAnalytics application analytics software. Take your choice of managing the access points with an on-site controller, or get up and running in under five minutes with our Zero-Touch ExtremeCloud management.

What If We’re Not Quite Ready For Wave 2?

If you don’t yet have the budget or need for Wave 2, we can make sure you get to 802.11ac Wave 1. You can save even more money with the AP3805i and AP3825i indoor access points and AP3865e outdoor access points. These all implement Extreme Network’s policy-based network management through a single pane of glass user interface.

This offer is only good through June 30, 2017, so act quickly!

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