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Unlocking Network Control with Automation and Intelligence: How Autonomous Networking Accelerates Transformation

Lisa Yeaton Senior Specialist, Social Media Published 8 May 2019

It’s clear that digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword. It’s real, it’s been happening for some time, and in 2019, every enterprise is navigating multiple technology initiatives simultaneously.

The key challenge? Businesses need to build integrated transformation strategies, which calls for different tools and tactics than those of yesterday. Technologies are no longer isolated, and it’s time to deploy, manage, and secure a rapidly changing landscape that sets businesses up for success.

So, what does this all mean in the context of the network?

Beyond Buzzwords: How the Autonomous Network Fits In

Here’s a webinar with analyst and network expert Maribel Lopez that zooms in on how autonomous networking can configure, monitor, and maintain itself independently—without IT losing control of the process: Unlocking Network Control with Automation and Intelligence:

Maribel Lopez, Founder & Principal Analyst of Lopez Research.

Follow her on Twitter @MaribelLopez

Abby Strong, Vice President of Product Marketing at Extreme Networks.

Follow her on Twitter @wifi_princess


Here’s a quick overview of what they delve into:

  1. State of technology adoption
  2. New experiences
  3. Delivering on transformation with intelligent networking

…with emphasis on:

  • Mobile
  • Internet of Things
  • Embracing cloud and SaaS
  • New interfaces

You’ll hear all about new experiences companies who have implemented intelligent networks are delivering, and how doing so drives IT innovation. Our speakers will also walk you through actual technologies provided by the vendor community to achieve intelligent networking.

Click here to watch the webinar now!

Speaking of Autonomous Networking, We’ve Got a Big Announcement Coming…

Networking continues to evolve as technology vendors embrace artificial intelligence and sensor data to create autonomous networks that run with minimal human intervention. The Unlocking Network Control with Automation and Intelligence webinar gives an excellent overview of the changes taking place.

Meanwhile, something big is on the Extreme networking horizon. We know the autonomous network is designed to run with little human oversight—but we don’t believe this means removing humanity from the equation. We’ve been working on a new solution focused on bridging the gap between people and possibilities, built to free IT professionals in every industry to focus on:

  • Driving competitive advantage
  • Accelerating innovation
  • Improving the customer experience

Imagine what you could do with a few extra hours every day. Would you spend it developing a new strategy? Would you spend it with colleagues or friends or family? What if you could spend more time on something you love instead of managing the network?

Register for our next webinar Special Announcement: Something Big is on the Networking Horizon on 5/15 to hear about the next major transformation in networking technology. 

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