Trends and Predictions for Wi-Fi in 2022

David Coleman Director, Wireless Networking at the Office of the CTO Published 24 Jan 2022

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a global, nonprofit industry association of more than 550 member companies devoted to promoting the growth of Wi-Fi technology in all avenues of society. One primary task of the Wi-Fi Alliance is to market the Wi-Fi brand and raise consumer awareness of new 802.11 technologies as they become available. For example, WPA3 security, Wi-Fi 6, and Wi-Fi 6E. The Wi-Fi Alliance recently asked industry leaders for future trends about Wi-Fi technology in the year 2022. You can view a YouTube video of my personal predictions for 2022 below:

My predictions for 2022:

Wi-Fi is everywhere and here to stay!

Wi-Fi has long been woven deeply into the cultural fabric of daily living, enhanced education, business operations, entertainment, and much more. As a matter of fact, I bet that while you are reading this quote online, you are connected to Wi-Fi right now! So…. the Wi-Fi trend we will see in 2022, is that Wi-Fi will continue to grow as the predominant solution for secure wireless connectivity and mobility in the enterprise. 

Building the 6 GHz superhighway

Countries across the globe will continue to adopt the 6 GHz superhighway that Wi-Fi 6E is built upon. This superhighway provides a reliable path for the evolution of enterprise Wi-Fi which is tied to the constant growth of cloud computing, mobile connectivity, big data, AI, and the Internet of Things. These trends will continue to drive the demand for faster and more reliable enterprise Wi-Fi throughout the next decade.

You can also view predictions from other Wi-Fi industry experts at the Wi-Fi Alliance YouTube channel.

The Wi-Fi Alliance’s other main task is to ensure the interoperability of Wi-Fi products by providing certification testing. During the early days of the 802.11 standard, the Wi-Fi Alliance further defined some of the ambiguous standards requirements and provided a set of guidelines to ensure compatibility between different vendors. This is still done to help simplify the complexity of the standards and to ensure compatibility. Products that pass the Wi-Fi certification process receive a Wi-Fi Interoperability Certificate that provides detailed information about the individual product’s Wi-Fi certifications. Extreme Networks is a proud member of the Wi-Fi Alliance, and all our access points hold numerous Wi-Fi Alliance certifications. You can view these certifications directly on the Wi-Fi Alliance website.

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