Top Three Education CIOs Digital Strategy Questions Answered

Bob Nilsson Director, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 22 Mar 2019

“The education CIO’s agenda should always originate in the mission of the institution and then move to how technology can enable that mission: mission first, then technology. Although technology drives change in many ways, it must always be related to the institution’s mission. Also, it must be related to how it impacts the institution’s business model (or sustainable funding model) and — ultimately — the whole education ecosystem.” – Gartner, Education Digital Strategy Primer for 2019

Education is absolutely feeling the pressures of digitalization. The need to shift business and operational models to succeed has put institutions on individual journeys of transformation. CIOs must own execution and focus on innovation experiments, pilots, and tangible services.

The need for fundamental underlying technology services isn’t going away; CIOs are still responsible for that. But they must also figure ways to achieve the agility necessary for complete digitalization of the institution, and this calls for a solid understanding of strategy.

New Report Helps Education CIOs Drive to Digital

Gartner’s new report, Education Digital Strategy Execution Primer for 2019 provides “Insight and tactical guidance to education CIOs for the ongoing journey of digital enablement, optimization, and transformation.”

The CIO holds the key to successfully operationalizing a digital strategy that allows the institution to effectively solve competing problems and demands. Gartner’s new report and upcoming research will specifically revolve around three fundamental questions for the CIO:

  • How can I engage academic leadership and faculty in strategic planning?
  • What are the emerging trends in education that need to be a part of my strategy?
  • What business and operational models will propel my institution forward?

To see Gartner’s recommendations and insights for education CIOs on digital enablement, optimization, and transformation, download the Gartner report, Education Digital Strategy Execution Primer for 2019.

*Gartner, Education Digital Strategy Execution Primer for 2019, 7 February 2019, Jan-Martin Lowendahl, Terri-Lynn Thayer

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