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Three Questions on Partnering with Gannon University with Jim Bahm, Networking Technologies CEO

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 10 Apr 2020

By now, everyone’s heard the news: we’ve established a new partnership with Gannon University to build a regional training center for students and professionals. In collaboration with Networking Technologies, a leading value-added reseller and integration partner in the region, we’ll be elevating the delivery of Gannon cyber programs, bringing new training opportunities to the region and equipping Gannon University’s Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge (I-HACK). Together, Extreme and Networking Technologies will be deploying and maintaining the I-HACK network and facilitating any future upgrades for Gannon University.

Recently, we had the chance to catch up with Jim Bahm, CEO of Networking Technologies at Gannon University’s unveiling of the I-HACK facility on their campus . Check out the video to hear his thoughts on big plans for I-HACK or grab a recap of the Q&A highlights below!

Q: Who is Networking Technologies and what is your history with Extreme Networks?

A: We’re a VAR in Pennsylvania and our mission is to help people with technology so that they can focus on their business. It’s that simple. We have been in the IT infrastructure business for 22 years and we help large enterprises, school districts and universities with connecting computers. In essence, we build the roads computers ride on.

We’ve had a relationship with Extreme for over 20 years. They provide great, predictable results for customers such that we can give our clients security for their network infrastructure and they can run their business.

Our relationship with Gannon University started many moons ago. We were instrumental in the first implementation of the network here at Gannon back in the early 2000s. I’ve worked with the tech counsel, helped with some of the telephony projects and sat on the board with the Erie Technology Incubator where we help budding technology companies develop into viable organizations here in our community.

Q: What made you choose Extreme for this partnership?

A: I picked Extreme for two reasons: First and foremost, predictable results, great equipment and great solutions. More importantly, there’s the people aspect of the relationship. Extreme is very accessible – they want to be engaged with customers. It’s not about Wall Street, it’s about providing a great relationship.

You can pick up the phone, call anybody in their organization from the president to tech support and they truly believe it’s their problem until your problem is gone. Having that type of relationship is important because the reality is we’re here for people.

Q: Now that Networking Technologies, Extreme Networks and Gannon University have been brought together, how do you envision the outcomes of the I-HACK program?

A: It’s about educating students and empowering them to be ready for the industry. We run into it daily with our company – we hire people who come out of college and we have to train them right off the bat because they don’t graduate ready to go into the market.

Recent graduates know they can set a goal and meet it, they know the terminology were using in the industry, but typically there’s lag in curriculum. If they’re equipped with this type of curriculum when they graduate, we’re going to have students ready to get into the industry, able to jump in feet first and be productive on Day 1.

The leg up is going to be huge for our community.


As Extreme continues to develop our relationship with both Gannon University and Networking Technologies, we look forward to seeing the city and universities transformation and providing support for their goals along the way!


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