The Number of Schools Implementing Esports is Growing Rapidly

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 21 Nov 2019

The number of schools implementing an esports program is growing rapidly. Worldwide, 21% of schools currently have an esports program, and 26% of schools are considering adding an esports program into their curriculum. Our recent survey found that the greatest benefits of esports programs are that they diversify extracurricular activities, improve the overall campus experience, and foster interest in STEM subjects. Students across the world are drawn to these programs and would join them if they were provided, but 42% of schools have not implemented esports in schools due to lack of expertise. With our services and support, Extreme Networks can confidently guide schools toward a successful esports program. As esports becomes more popular, the school staff needs to know, what works and what it takes to have a successfully running esports program as part of their school’s curriculum.

This presentation goes into detail on how the implementation is carried out from a network perspective. Even a five-millisecond connectivity delay can impact the outcome of   game. Having a strong and secure network is a critical step toward a smoothly-running esports program. With the right network management your network can have a 360 view, needed to be proactive, as well as providing awareness of any bottlenecks or issues, and how they can be fixed. The presentation focuses on five main areas that are important for your esports program to compete effectively. Extreme Networks can get you started on your esports solution. Take a look at behind scenes of what it takes to ensure the most competitive esports game environment.


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