The Evolution of Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR)

Doug McDonald Director, Product Management for Healthcare Published 6 Sep 2022

In a previous blog, I discussed the past, present, and future of Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) systems. And to illustrate the evolution of EHR, we also offered an infographic to visualize both a historical and futuristic look at patient data analytics in healthcare.

Electronic Healthcare Record systems will transform. The future of leveraging big data and quantum computation of health data to devise impactful, customized, and predictive treatment plans may be out of a science-fiction novel. Still, I believe we are well on our way to seeing these breakthroughs in the next 60 years. While fantasizing about the possibilities of the future is undoubtedly fun, we cannot fully appreciate this without a bit of a history lesson/timeline for the journey of electronic health records that began in the 1960s. To further visualize the continuing evolution of EHR we have created this video:

Technology has consistently revolutionized every facet of human life when applied to healthcare and medicine. And I firmly believe that in the coming decades, healthcare will again transform. Physician decision support software, medical (big data), and predictive modeling will play essential roles in the transformation.

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