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The Age of a Smart City – Highlights from Extreme NOW London

Miryam Quiroz Cortez Senior Manager, Public Relations - EMEA Published 18 Apr 2019

“Cities around the world are growing at an unprecedented rate. To accommodate that, they have to be smarter, and they’re turning to digital transformation to deliver against the financial and environmental outcomes. As the industry leader in networking technology, Extreme is ready to help realize the cities of the future by providing the connectivity, data gathering, and analysis to deliver a safe, productive, and efficient environment for the population.” – John Morrison, Senior Vice President, EMEA Sales and Services, Extreme Networks

Recently, the Extreme NOW World Tour stopped over in London, and the event was truly a fantastic success. Each stop of the tour was tailored to the region’s specific needs and priorities, and one of the world’s most dynamic cities, London, covered the theme The Age of a Smart City – Using Extreme Networking Technology in a Digital Era.

There’s no denying that digital connectivity enables cities to be more efficient, and London is ramping up its efforts to become a smart city. Data collection and analytics play a key part in evolution as they enable the development of critical infrastructure that drives growth and helps cities expand in a sustainable way. This means that networking and software innovations will be responsible for scoping the cities of the future. 

Some of the key topics we covered in London included:

  • Extreme roadmap: The evolution of our technologies, and what’s coming up next
  • Real customer use case presentations
  • Open forum, birds-of-a-feather discussions among peers and industry leaders 



Thoughts from a few of our attendees:

“I really enjoyed being here today. I learned a lot about the improvements Extreme will look at and will definitely have benefits for my business in the future.”

“It was a fantastic event. It’s focused really on security and reliability.”

“It’s nice to see what the roadmap is and how engaging Extreme is with their customers in listening and producing products that we can take forward to develop our businesses.”

With this tour, we aim to forge closer connections with our customers and partners across the world. It’s a great opportunity to get to know Extreme better and understand the business benefits we can provide to your organization while also enjoying the opportunity to network with peers.

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