Take Your K-12 IT Management From Pain to Bliss in 12 steps

Bob Nilsson Director, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 25 May 2017

From implementing the latest instructional technology, including STEM and Internet of Things (IoT), to preparing for high-stakes online testing, IT management in primary/secondary K-12 education has its challenges. We’ve spelled out twelve of the highest anxiety points along with pain-reducing solutions. Teachers don’t want to worry about MAC addresses to communicate with their EdTech and now they don’t have to. BYOD, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat can wreck havoc in school if the network is not managed right. Flipped, blended, hybrid, adaptive, competency-based, and personalized styles of learning can be straight-forward to implement with the right network tools. In the end, your IT resources are limited, so you need high-productivity tools to multiply your capabilities. 

Here are twelve of the most anxiety-inducing pain points for K-12/primary/secondary educational IT managers, and how to put them to rest.

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