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Take Our Engagement App Survey – Win An Amazon Echo Show

Bob Nilsson Director, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 7 Sep 2017

Interaction is at the core of all positive user experience. It enables you to probe the soul of your customer and leave them always asking for more.

Every manager and business person is constantly seeking user engagement. Good things happen when users are active and engaged, whether those users are guests, students, patients, buyers, sellers, constituencies, or employees. Through user interaction, you can provide better service, improve retention, upsell, collect valuable data, and increase revenue. Today the most valuable tool for engaging with users is the smart phone app.

Many sporting venues, colleges, shopping malls, hospitals, and even cities already provide mobile apps to help their users. These apps offer guides, maps, schedules, forums, services, videos, and online support. Some of the newer apps include links to eStores.

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We’re interested in what makes a good mobile engagement app, whether you are an enterprise implementing the app or a user. What are the best and worst features? Do you monetize them? Take our short survey and you could win one of two Amazon Echo Shows.

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