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Sneak Peek: Networking Priorities for 2018

Camille Campbell Senior Manager, Product Marketing Published 3 Aug 2018

An Overview on Nine Networking Imperatives You Need to Know About for 2018 and Beyond

Knowing that digital business has landed, it’s important to recognize that networking is fundamental to your success. Agility and nonstop connectivity are key to surviving the always-on, on-demand culture of today, and that means converting the network from a necessary component of IT to an actual enabler of business.

Staying ahead of advanced technologies like automation, machine learning and the IoT will allow you to make networking work for your business and transform digitally to position yourself for continued growth. In this white paper, we cover the nine primary networking imperatives you should be focusing on this year and beyond. Keep reading for a preview of the first three!

Three Networking Imperatives You Should Really Be Focusing On

  1. Network as a Strategic Enabler of Digital Technology

This one’s #1, folks. Did you know that businesses who have embraced digital transformation have seen an average of 55% growth in gross margins over a three-year period (CIO from IDG)? Networking is a big contributor to that growth, and you’ve got to get on track with implementing the advanced technologies that will best position you to support the speed of business while satisfying your end users and customers.

  1. Security

Two things to know: malicious actors and their attack methods are increasing in frequency and complexity on a daily basis, and the impacts of digital transformation are concurrently creating major security implications for the enterprise. 69% of senior IT and security leaders report that digital transformation is forcing them to make major changes to their security strategy (Forbes and BMC)—so, you’re not alone, but you have to find a way to reconcile the two and nail down a plan that will protect your network.

  1. Analytics and Machine Learning

Did you know that 27% of network engineers are architects say they spend most of their time responding to high-priority or emergency issues (McAfee and ESG)? Fortunately, the use of analytics (machine learning) to predict and prevent network failures is on the rise, and it’s contributing to a more centralized approach to the enterprise network. If you haven’t implemented predictive analytics tools to allow your network staff to address and remedy specific issues before the network is affected, now is the time to start evaluating your options.

We believe these are the top three primary focuses you need to consider for this year and going forward, but we detailed an additional six key considerations in our new white paper, 9 Enterprise Networking Imperatives for 2018 and Beyond.

A few of the focus areas we address in the white paper include: automation, IoT security and management, wireless, edge computing, cloud, multi-cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service and virtual network operating systems and containers. Plus, we include the Extreme Networks perspective on how you can maximize your efforts to keep the network agile, adaptive, and secure.  

These Are the Trends, But What Should You Be Doing Differently?

Great question! With every networking imperative we’ll delve into together, we provide the Extreme Networks perspective on the developing trend so you’ll know exactly how it applies to your business and what you should do about it.

With the enterprise network becoming increasingly integral to the progress of your business, there’s no better time to evaluate the technologies that will set you up for success as your digital transformation continues to evolve. Read the full white paper, 9 Enterprise Networking Imperatives for 2018 and Beyond.

Want immediate feedback on where you are in your digital transformation, and what you can do to optimize and bring your network up-to-date? We can help. Connect with an Extreme Networks expert now, or call us at 1.888.257.3000.

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