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Simplify the Complex and Protect the Network in the Era of IoT & COVID-19

Today’s workplace is mobile and dynamic, and the uptick in remote work due to COVID-19 has increased complexity significantly. It’s critical that networks today be configured to adapt on-demand. Modern computing technologies can match the need for adaptability with ease, yet not all network technology is keeping pace.

Furthermore, it’s important to realize that security isn’t simply an overlay to the network. Rather, the network itself must actively participate in the security ecosystem. This is exemplified by fabric-based network segmentation, designed to:

  • Contain breaches
  • Prevent lateral movement
  • Prevent the spread of damaging viruses, malware, and ransomware

However, today’s remote-first environment has made network segmentation increasingly difficult. Fortunately, Fabric Connect is a simple, scalable, and inherently secure solution that alleviates complexity and creates dead ends for hackers, viruses, and malware. We put together an info-packed webinar that dives into the details of network segmentation and describes how Fabric Connect (based on IEEE 802.1Q Shortest Path Bridging) leads the way among solutions available in the marketplace.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What is the current fabric security landscape?
  • How have workplace mobility and dynamism increased due to COVID-19?
  • Why network segmentation is so critical
  • What are the options for segmenting the network
  • Describe the requirements for a successful segmentation strategy
  • How standard-based, fabric approaches can help segment the network with less complexity
  • How to architect a secure network design
  • How segmentation can be an effective complement to existing security appliances to provide multiple layers of defense and detection

Ready to learn more? Watch our webinar, Rethinking the Network and Security in the Era of IoT & COVID-19 – available for you on-demand today!

This blog was originally authored by Robert Nilsson, Director of Vertical Solutions Marketing.

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