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Recapping Extreme’s 2020 Show & Sell Challenge

Lorna Pierno Director, Global Channel Marketing Published 23 Dec 2020

Winning Pitches and Terrific Feedback on the Experience 

At our Virtual Partner Conference, we announced Extreme’s 2020 Show & Sell Challenge. Partners were put to the test in the “learn by doing” competition and they learned a lot through the hands-on experience. Now the results are in, and we’re excited to announce the top achievers.

The challenge was intended to get partners familiarized and fired up about ExtremeCloud IQ by recording and sending in a hands-on demonstration video that explained and pitched the solution. All entrants receive $25, with $1,000 going to each of the top 10, and $250 going to the runner ups that placed 11 through 20.

The response was fantastic ─ both in the number of entrants and the great feedback partners had about the experience. Thank you to everyone who participated! All participants did such a masterful job – we had a ton of great demos to sift through and it was not easy to select the winners.

Congratulations to the following grand prize winners:

  • Benjamin Chesterman, Cloud Distribution Ltd
  • Lariana Luy Peixoto, Secure IT
  • Lauren Eaton, Carousel Industries
  • Lee Newman, LAN3 LTD
  • Leonardo Peixoto, Secure IT
  • Michael Greenbaum, Carousel Industries
  • Pierre Guindon, Combat Networks
  • Rakesh Gupta, AGC Networks Limited
  • Stephen Jamieson, Combat Networks
  • Tony Lester, PC Solutions and Integrations

What did partners have to say about creating video pitches on ExtremeCloud IQ?

“The demo exercise was a great motivation to learn more about ExtremeCloud IQ. My confidence in talking about the solution has gone from close to zero to 100 in one week. I’m now comfortable with running a demo of my own with any one of my customers. Its main impact was taking the theory of cloud computing and applying it in a real-world example. Now that I have that base, I can extrapolate into new use cases.”

“I’m now definitely more inclined to run a demo like this for prospects. It was incredibly helpful in getting me acclimated to the portal. It’s always easier to have a hands-on presentation when showing someone how to use a portal as opposed to just reading about it.”

“The walkthrough really helped me understand the highlights of ExtremeCloud IQ.  Your approach was simple to understand and yet very informative.”

“Walking through it helped me realize what to show depending on what customers need as opposed to just going through the whole portal not knowing where to navigate.”

“Thank you for your help and support with the ExtremeCloud IQ demo. It was a little daunting to start with, but I can honestly say that this exercise has forced me to learn the basics of the tool and has greatly increased my confidence – allowing me to present and position it with customers. Thanks again. I look forward to showing this to customers.”

“The Extreme partner conference was fantastic. I’m new to the industry and I’ve been getting on as many webinars as I can, probably around 15 so far. Extreme’s was by far the best one with no other event even close to second best. The way you presented was clear, concise, and very informative. Having the one-on-one conversation made it easier for me to understand things. The exercise at the end where I presented to you was fantastic! It reinforced the concepts and my understanding and helped things sink in. I will definitely add Extreme Networks to my sales pitch when I get rolling and selling in the coming weeks and months. Overall, this was one of the best hours I’ve had in my 5 weeks in the industry.”

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