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Preparing to Grow Your Business Today and Tomorrow

Mason Mallory Content Marketing Intern Published 6 Dec 2022

In today’s economy, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are in a highly competitive market as they are the growing engine of most economies. Despite getting little to no attention, these SMBs represent a significant share of job offerings as they continue to expand. But how can they continue to grow in this competitive marketplace against big-name brands? The key is preparing not only for today but tomorrow. 

Technology is one of the essential tools to preparing for your business’s growth in a market. Using technology can help you conquer challenges, drive better business outcomes, and beat out competitors. SMBs investing in technological upgrades have cited that it is the key to their market growth. 

Specifically, these implications of technology allowed them to: 

  • Adapt more quickly to shifting customer requirements, such as the demand for expanded offerings, contactless payments, and virtual services. 
  • Meet employee expectations for “anytime, anywhere” tools that streamline work instead of getting in the way. 
  • Gain access to real-time information and intuitive analytics tools that provide the insights they need when they need them to make better business decisions. 

With the implementation of technology, these improvements can place your business on the right path to preparing for the future. However, adding these technological assets can raise other concerns that could impede the efficiency of these new implementations. 

When it comes to what impedes their adoption of technology, SMBs cite:  

  • 40%: concerns about cybersecurity 
  • 33%: hard to figure out what will work best 
  • 33%: integration difficulties 
  • 31%: lack of adequate IT staff/skills 
  • 28%: decision-makers haven’t set these goals in this area 
  • 26%: resistance to change 
  • 24%: not a priority for decision makers 
  • 22%: not enough money to adequately fund it 
  • 22%: unsure how to execute 
  • 20%: not enough time to focus on this 

So how can you tackle these problems, put them in the past, and grow your business? By incorporating a robust and straightforward network ready for today and tomorrow. Technology is only as good as the network it operates on. Extreme Networks can give you the tools to futureproof and build a strong foundation that gives you the confidence to attack the market. With Extremes’ networking solutions that are secure, easy to manage, drive efficiency, and enable a reliable connectivity, you can drive better business outcomes. This simple but efficient network can make the integration of new technology simple for smooth and fast changes. 

How Extreme can help your SMB drive better business outcomes 

Improved Reliability: ExtremeCloud IQ can use predictive analytics capabilities to recommend new device requirements for Wi-Fi capacity management and efficiency, plus provide suggested remedies for common networking issues.   

Flexibility: Purpose-built (cloud choice & deployment choice) for the customer & their unique environment, rather than one size fits all. Give your team the flexibility to work from anywhere. 

Lower Risk and More Secure: Secured Wi-Fi 6 connectivity via an ISO certified cloud that helps protect users and sensitive data on the network.    

Data-driven Automation: The enhanced data feature allows users to look at historical network data without restrictions and as far back as they have had the system in place. This enables deeper network analytics and troubleshooting problems that may have begun days, weeks, months, or even years ago. 100% in house support for issues that need additional resources.   

Better financial management / predictable budgeting:  Universal licensing across product lines and management choices. 

Extreme Networks can give you the tools to build a solid foundation that can continue to grow on your terms. Prepare your business with the right instruments to grow today and tomorrow easily. The time is now to build the network to help you grow your business with Extreme Networks. 


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