In the Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity-Overcoming Manufacturing Industry Challenges

Andrea Quintero Content Marketing Specialist Published 2 Dec 2022

The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving. In this constant movement, it faces many challenges, such as rising raw material costs, supply chain issues, labor shortages and increasing competitiveness on a global scale.

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In addition to these challenges, the industry is facing imminent digitization. This digitization is the cornerstone for advancing towards the Manufacturing 4.0 shift expected by 2030.

What is Manufacturing 4.0?

A holistic shift from centralized to decentralized manufacturing. Manufacturing 4.0 requires the adaptation of processes, talent, business structure and technology. Including advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data capture and analytics. Together, they create a high-tech ecosystem of smart workplace devices that optimize business processes and achieve efficiency.

How to advance toward change?

Companies need to prepare themselves to be part of this shift and to do so it is essential to deploy a powerful Wi-Fi infrastructure that supports all the current demands and the changes facing the industry in the years to come.

Here is why Extreme Networks is a key ally to support those manufacturing companies to advance toward Manufacturing 4.0:

1.  Overcoming Complex Environments

Manufacturing companies usually have large facilities and many employees. This combined with machinery noise and an extremely fast-moving landscape makes communication a major challenge. In addition, sharing networks for communications and manufacturing processes can put a strain on wireless functionality. Cloud-based networks with multiple access points can enable businesses of any scale to always maintain reliable connections for all their diverse needs and devices without hindering workflows or slowing down production.

Discover how Extreme designs and deploys a robust, secure, and flexible IT network platform to support rapidly changing business and customer demands for their unique manufacturing environments:

2. Overcoming Networking Challenges

With its various open and enclosed spaces, the very physical layout of manufacturing companies makes it difficult to propagate strong Wi-Fi connectivity. However, what populates warehouses also creates challenges: from the materials that are stored on the shelves to the mobile machines in operation – everything must be taken into consideration when implementing a Wi-Fi solution.

Watch how Extreme overcomes networking hurdles for manufacturing companies, enabling resource optimization through a robust, secure, and flexible IT network infrastructure:

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3. Overcoming Security Challenges

Security is a must for manufacturing companies, but it is also a big challenge. While IoT has great advantages, it also represents a greater number of connected devices and “things” to support day-to-day operations which can create even more vulnerability. If the network is not properly secured, any connected device can be easily hacked or compromised.

Find how Extreme delivers more secure operations while meeting the digital demands of today’s manufacturers by working with an agile, resilient, and safe network infrastructure:

As manufacturers look to modernize their networks, they aim to improve performance, reliability, and security. Whatever the challenge or digital use case, Extreme works closely with manufacturing companies to advance their business and technology needs. Empowering them to find opportunities in the middle of difficulty while generating better business outcomes.

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