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Overcoming Challenging, Unique, Hazardous Wi-Fi Environments

Ryan Hall Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 6 Nov 2018

Did you know that analysts predict 11.6 billion mobile devices will be connected by 2020? Digital transformation has driven the increased usage of and reliance on secure, quality connectivity across industries today.

This means the availability of Wi-Fi is imperative for successfully running a business, no matter what RF challenges the respective environment may present in deploying an effective Wi-Fi solution. 

These conditions may include challenges related to:

  • Size and spaces: with large, cavernous environments and open-air venues
  • Devices: density, roaming, and real-time asset tracking or mobility
  • Environmental: indoor/outdoor locations, extreme weather/temperatures, changing/seasonal conditions.
  • Location and Scale: multiple, distributed locations, onside and cloud-based management
  • Power and Mounting: physical restrictions, lack of mounting options, insufficient power sources  
  • Compliance: PCI compliance and ensuring network security, supporting POS devices

The above challenges are not specific to a given industry either.  In fact, unique, challenging, and sometimes hazardous RF conditions span a range of diverse industries, including:

  • Retail and Warehouses
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Open-Air or High-Density Public Venues
  • Trains, Planes, Buses
  • Mining, Hauling, and Autonomous Vehicles

The slideshare below, Deploying Wi-Fi in Challenging and Hazardous Environments, explores the obstacles for designing and implementing reliable and mission-critical Wi-Fi, describes the unique challenges in respective industries, and details specific use cases where Extreme’s networking solutions met the challenges presented.        

Want to learn more?  Listen in on our recently-recorded panel discussion, where Extreme Wi-Fi implementation engineers talk through the slide deck above, and share their unique experiences deploying Wi-Fi in challenging industries.

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