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One Powerful Way to Actually Meet High Network Demands

In our hyper-connected world, a powerful and stable, reliable network is regarded as a given. And the consequences of an unreliable network are only getting more severe. All aspects of business suffer when the network isn’t performing optimally: communications are unreliable, resources aren’t available, applications run slowly – nothing is as smooth as it should be, and business performance is negatively impacted.

The truth is, network demands have increased significantly. Sure, the pandemic is often cited as a key driver, but many of the trends attributed to the pandemic were already emerging. The real impact is that networks were ready to handle the increased demand with their existing architecture.

The problem is your existing network isn’t built to deliver new performance demands. Perhaps your company has grown and you’re connecting locations using dedicated MPLS circuits. Or maybe you’re now managing a more disparate workforce and, like most businesses, have many remote and hybrid workers. Or maybe you simply haven’t updated your infrastructure and are relying on older solutions – even multiple disparate solutions across your locations. Regardless of the circumstances, the challenge is ultimately the same: your network doesn’t deliver a consistent experience appropriate for today’s business needs.

Any way you slice it, the combination of bandwidth-intensive applications, a disparate workforce spread out across many locations and growing number of devises, your network is becoming more complex than ever before.

There’s another option that delivers the optimized network for users, simplification of management tools, and future-proofs your network for future growth.

Now is the time to consider an intelligent, cloud-native SD-WAN solution. SD-WAN intelligently monitors and manages your underlay transport services, optimizing network traffic, and can eliminate the packet loss, latency, and jitter your current infrastructure suffers from. Your users will enjoy the highest levels of application performance and QoE, regardless of location.

For your IT team, the best part is you can simplify network management with a single, cloud-based management platform. One that not only gives you insight into your SD-WAN solution but also unifies your wired and wireless networks. No more dealing with multiple management tools. Security, user, device, and application policies can all easily be implemented across your entire network.

  • Automated Connectivity: Build your SD-WAN quickly and easily with flexible deployment modes and simple, zero-touch provisioning to support all your locations.
  • WAN Optimization: Improve application performance with dynamic bandwidth allocation and traffic routing to ensure performance of priority applications.
  • Application Monitoring and Reporting: Layer 7 application performance monitoring analyzing all application flows traversing the SD-WAN, along with enforceable end-to-end, per-session QoS across the entire SD-WAN and WAN optimization for highly congested networks.
  • Full Security Stack: Zone-based firewall for traffic segmentation and steering, cloud-based advanced site-based security using FWaaS and SWG.
  • Unified Management: A single, cloud-based network management solution that delivers complete visibility into the entire network (users, devices, applications) while simplifying network management and maintenance.
  • Flexible Licensing: Flexible licensing options are designed to lower TCO while maximizing ROI and delivering a next-generation SD-WAN solution.

Wondering what a new solution will ultimately cost you? Extreme offers the lowest total cost of ownership in the market for SD-WAN. Crunch the numbers here.

Whether your existing network requires upgrades to support the modern workforce, or your business is growing, you have a decision to make. Are you tied to your legacy infrastructure and want to continue to patch things together to make it work as best you can? Or are you ready to take your enterprise network to the next level with next-gen SD-WAN, allowing you to meet current needs, prepare yourself for future growth, and simplify your network management in the process? SD-WAN is the one powerful way to advance your network.

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