Olympiastadion Berlin – Timeless Architecture with Technology Designed for The Future

Andrea Quintero Content Marketing Specialist Published 2 Mar 2023

The Berlin Olympiastadion is an awe-inspiring piece of architecture that has stood the test of time and holds a special place in the hearts of sports enthusiasts. It has witnessed some of the most historic moments in sports history for years, from hosting the 1936 Summer Olympics to the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Its legacy continues to inspire generations of athletes and fans worldwide. However, the stadium requires more than just its rich history to remain relevant today. It needs cutting-edge technology that can meet the demands of the future. This is where Extreme Networks come in. As a leader in cloud-based networking solutions. Extreme collaborated closely with the stadium operations team to deliver the technology solutions required to ensure this iconic stadium can bear witness to the upcoming historic sporting events:

Connecting Fans to the Future

“Before we had Extreme as a partner, we had no WLAN in this stadium. We looked for the best partner in the market, with the best technology, and with a good approach that is both technological and creative.” Cristoph Meyer- Direktor Veranstaltungen & Kommunikation, Olympiastadion Berlin.

One of the main challenges the Olympiastadion faced was the need to support an increasing number of connected devices. With smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets now abundant in the stands, it’s more critical than ever to have solid Wi-Fi network that can handle the demands of modern sports fans. Extreme Networks provided the stadium with Wi-Fi 6 technology—offering faster speeds, better coverage, and greater reliability. Helping ensure fans stay connected throughout the match, regardless of the number of people trying to access the network simultaneously. 

A New Era of Stadium Experience

“We have aligned the WLAN for the fans and all the technical processes here in the stadium. With the new Extreme Networks technology and Wi-Fi 6, we naturally have a much better network and many possibilities to present ourselves accordingly. In system management, we have great advantages that we can see live.” Frank Neubauer- Technische Leitung & Energiemanagement, Olympiastadion Berlin.

With the help of Extreme Networks’ cutting-edge technology, the Olympiastadion can now deliver the ultimate convenience and connectivity to its fans and staff. With Wi-Fi analytics, the stadium operators can better understand how fans use their devices—enabling them to tailor the experience to meet individual needs. From ordering in-seat food and beverages via a mobile app to receiving real-time updates on restroom wait times, the possibilities are endless when it comes to technology. Transforming the experience into an immersive, engaging, and unforgettable one from the moment fans arrive at the stadium until they leave, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Building a Partnership for Long-term Success

“Our Partnership with Extreme was a big step for us because the public wanted us to deploy a holistic WLAN in this stadium and that is very important for the future because it will always be the case that large associations such as UEFA, FIFA, DFB, athletics and umbrella organizations have specifications that require a high- performance WLAN.” Cristoph Meyer- Direktor Veranstaltungen & Kommunikation, Olympiastadion Berlin.

The partnership between the Olympiastadion and Extreme Networks is built for the future. Together a winning combination has been created, exceeding today’s needs and anticipating tomorrow’s demands. Elevating the stadium experience to new heights. The combination of timeless architecture and powerful technology will guide the iconic Berlin Olympiastadion to advance to the future while inspiring and captivating sports enthusiasts for generations to come.

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