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Virtual Now2Go Brings Us All Together

Mitch Reyes Program Manager, Channel Published 7 Aug 2020

The secret has been out for a while – our event-in-a-box partner-enablement program and pipeline builder, Now2Go has been incredibly successful for our channel community. Having completed more than 366 face-to-face events in the last 10 months, across six continents, in 46 countries and with almost 6,000 attendees, we’ve received excellent feedback from attendees and partners. The program has fostered an enormous amount of knowledge transfer to all attendees, and exceeded our bookings target attributed to Now2Go events.

Now2Go events were created to bring our partners, customers, and prospects together to achieve three main goals:

  1. Networking: In an ever-changing business climate it is important to keep up with the latest technology and industry trends (think IoT, Wi-Fi 6, security, cloud-driven networking with AI and machine learning capabilities), how these technologies impact end-users across various industries, and key considerations, no matter what vendor they choose to work with.
  2. Connecting: Personalized and memorable events have allowed Extreme partners to connect with our mutual customers on a deeper level. We keep sessions, demos, and the agenda focused on topics that educate attendees on how we can help solve their pain points and why our products/solutions should be considered.
  3. Retention: It’s proven to be beneficial to offer customers a platform that encompasses communication, trust, and mutual growth. Through Now2Go events, we’ve been able to ask, listen, and improve.

As you are aware, across the globe, every one of us is having to quickly adapt to a new reality – one where cities and countries are on lockdown, and the convenience of face-to-face gatherings is not an option. Our Now2Go events came to a screeching halt. But our partners have asked us to improvise, adapt, and overcome this new challenge. The result:

A Virtual Now2Go program is much like the in-person events, but with all the added benefits that a digital platform offers, such as: video streaming, real-time conversations, event recording, live surveys and so much more. Virtual Now2Go’s will continue to bring our partners and end-users together to achieve our existing goals.

The Virtual Now2Go program will include the following:

  • A webinar platform to host the event
  • Email campaigns and landing pages to help drive attendance
  • Presentation materials that leverage video and additional tactics not found in traditional events
  • Translation in numerous languages for use throughout the various regions our partners serve

The Now2Go program has been a game changer for our partner community, providing a platform to share our message in new places around the world and assist in finding new business.  When the world is healthy, and up and running once again, we will start the physical events back up… One thing is certain, the Now2Go program is here to stay to help our partners advance with us.

Email us at to sign up for a virtual Now2Go event.

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