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New Technologies, Best Practices, and Pressing Issues in Education

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 22 Jan 2020

FETC 2020 has come and gone! This year the conference was held in Miami Beach, Florida and was full of exciting themes around explorative technologies, best practices, and pressing issues throughout the education industry.

A big part of the show this year was the Esports Arena that was front and center on the show floor. It was full of local Miami students, universities and institutions giving their personal experiences around esports and the impact it has had individually and their institutions. Extreme had SUNY Canton present a session on how to implement esports in higher education and Randy Sieminski their Athletic Director shared how he started and successfully runs his esports team as a Varsity Sport at SUNY Canton.

This was not the only presentation like this, there were around 25 similar to this and each session was overflowing with interested schools who are trying to learn or start a program around esports. The sessions addressed how it directly helps with student recruiting and retention and shared ideas and best practices for schools getting involved in esports. Extreme has set up an esports reference center to showcase all the above benefits and share multiple use cases.  

Cloud, another huge impact on education was a theme this year with many booths showcasing their next-generation cloud technologies. Sessions including the cloud’s growing impact on education and how cloud-driven networking is playing an increasingly important role.

Student Safety being one of the focuses at FETC showcased emerging technologies throughout the demonstration expo. IPVideo Corporation stood out as they are taking on the ongoing problem of managing and detecting students vaping in education facilities. Their newest product is called HALO IOT Smart Sensor. HALO is a security device for privacy areas and an environmental monitoring tool. It uses THC detection capabilities and video surveillance to combat the youth vaping epidemic.

Featuring the industry experts, agenda content and an innovative expo hall that was filled with the latest and greatest solutions FETC 2020 showcased the value of EdTech. We are excited to participate in FETC 2021 next year in Orlando, you don’t want to miss it!

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