New On-Demand Session – Esports: Maximizing Positive Campus Impact

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 2 Nov 2020

Extreme Connect 2020 has come and gone! This year Extreme Connect was held virtually, but that didn’t stop us from diving into exciting topics around new technologies, the new normal, and Esports.

The competitive sport known as Esports is top of mind for many schools. It’s a unique sport with the ability to engage a diverse student body and open up new learning opportunities to students all across the nation, whether in person or virtual. During this year’s virtual Extreme Connect, we held an Esports panel with industry experts who are paving the way for the Esports movement.

Featured experts:

Randy Sieminski, Athletic Director, Suny Canton

Kyle Brown, CIO, Suny Canton

Jason Kirby, President & CIOO, High School League & Generation ESports

Neil Malvone, Executive Vice President of Collegiate Sports Management Group

Questions answered:

  • What’s happening with Esports at the high school level?
  • What is a STEM accredited Esports program and what funding options does it offer?
  • How do you track the top-ranking players across the nation?
  • How has SUNY Canton been impacted by Esports? How did this lead to a SUNY-wide league?
  • How do Esports keep students engaged and encourage inclusivity?
  • What is the Collegiate Sports Management Group ‘s vision for legitimizing Esports as a sport?
  • What is the technology behind Esports?
  • How are Esports teams creating spectating opportunities?
  • How can educators and school institutions ensure buy-in to make Esports programs successful?
  • How can high schools join the High School Esports League?

 Key takeaways:

  • The optimal IT infrastructure for successful Esports campus implementation
  • How Esports can be integrated into the curriculum and college athletics
  • Benefits to student recruiting and retainment
  • The overall campus experience that comes with Esports

Watch our on-demand Breakout Session, Esports: Maximizing Positive Campus Impact, for the full details.

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