New Network Management Dashboard For Both Power And Casual Education IT Users

Bob Nilsson Director, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 27 Jun 2018


“We’re thrilled with the new enhancements to Extreme Management Center 8.0. Our small IT staff had been stretched to keep up with the latest edtech trends, and these new capabilities provide the best level of control and visibility that we needed to support our school’s 1:1 computing and BYOD programs, especially during online testing periods.” David Monachino, Douglas County School District

“The IGE reports for PCI compliance are really, really good and clear. They make it easy to fix things quickly. And having it all in on one Extreme Management Center screen makes it very convenient,” Eric Smith, Baylor University

Whether you are managing a network for 500 K-12 students or 50,000 university students, the new Extreme Management Center 8.0 has features to make your job easier than ever before. Power users are finding they can finally move up from Java programming and still have the fine-grain control they need with the OneView GUI. At the other end of the spectrum, IT managers new to network management now have a tool to easily control the quality of experience delivered to their student body.

The new Extreme Management Center 8.0 offers these innovative features: OneView quality of experience dashboard, new optimized workflows, onboarding options for Google and Microsoft, Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP+), and an information governance engine (IGE) to help assess compliance with HIPAA and PCI. The OneView dashboard displays exactly what is going on across the network and allows the manager to change policy on the fly in terms of which users, applications, and devices can have access to resources at designated locations and times. And the new version of Extreme Management Center has been enhanced to scale 2-5 larger than the earlier version.

“It’s a great benefit to change policies on the fly all from one view. I’m able to assign policy for a port right then and there, faster than before which is great!” – Network engineer at a university in North Carolina

Education technology is now critical to almost all aspects of teaching from providing digital content such as eBooks, videos, and virtual reality through student devices to administering both formative and summative assessments. The new Extreme Management Center 8.0 gives educational IT managers the ability to insure the quality of the learning and testing experience is not just excellent and engaging, but fully secure.

Douglas County School District in Nevada and Salem School District in New Hampshire are two early users of Extreme Management Center 8.0. David Monachino, network engineer at Douglas County found the workflows very fluid to use and setting up alarm monitors especially easy. The single pane of glass to manage the entire network couldn’t be easier to use. At Salem, Network Manager Zachary Blazich is also impressed that everything is right there in one pane of glass. He also found the flow of information and presentation of network statistics to be very intuitively displayed.

“From one easy-to-use web interface, I’ve been able to view information on individual devices, available port statistics and network uptime. This has significantly streamlined my daily workflow since I no longer have to open other features to complete tasks when managing activity on the network. I’m impressed by the new enhancements and excited to use the new interface moving forward.”  Zachary Blazich, network manager, Salem School District

Baylor University in Waco, Texas uses Extreme Management Center 8.0 and the new Information Governance Engine (IGE) to check compliance of their network with HIPAA and PCI. The Baylor Health Center requires adherence to HIPAA and the processing of credit card transactions for athletic and other events requires compliance with PCI. Scott Day, director of network and physical security technology, is impressed with easy to use and thorough the PCI rules engine is. They tested it with an old switch that had not had a vulnerability disabled and IGE found the problem immediately.

 “I can see us using it outside of the compliance issues to just to check any of our network configurations on switches across campus. This would help us know what needs to be fixed. Extreme Management does have access to switch tools, but with IGE we can get extra checks during scans and insights like if a port is open.” Scott Day, director of network and physical security technology, Baylor University

Here is more of what Zach, David, Scott, Eric, and others have to say about Extreme Management Center 8.0.

“The web interface is much better than I was expecting it to be. Everything is truly in a single-pane of glass. I don’t need to open other features to complete tasks, I can do it all from one-view! There is a nice flow to the program. I’m able to access individual device, network uptime, and available port statistics all right in front of me. The statistics are all easy to find right when I need them.” Zachary Blazich, network manager, Salem School District

“I like the ability to see a general overview of Extreme Management, Extreme Access Control, and Extreme Analytics all on one page. The policy tab is very straightforward to operate. There is nothing I can’t do from the web interface.”  David Monachino, network engineer, Douglas County School District

“I enjoy being able to change policies on the fly all from one view. I’m able to assign policy for a port right then and there, faster than before which is great!” Network engineer at a university in North Carolina

“I like the topology view because you can tell right away if anything is broken on the network and it points you in the correct direction to resolve it. Navigating different reports is easy and they pop up fast. It’s cool that I can easily sort the top interfaces by bandwidth.” Eric Smith, communications technician, Baylor University

“I was very impressed with the Information Governance Engine. It already has default rules we can apply and allows us to create our own rules. I viewed multiple devices at once and the engine worked incredibly fast.”  Eric Smith, communications technician, Baylor University

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