Networking Made Simple, Easy, and Affordable – Q&A with the Senior Director of Extreme Capital Solutions

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 26 Jul 2018

In today’s modern digital era it is vital for businesses to have the latest network infrastructure to provide key stakeholders with the best possible service. All businesses are feeling the effects of digital transformation, whether it is to gain a competitive advantage or to find new ways to grow revenue. Often financial flexibility can stand in the way of modernizing the infrastructure as necessary for digital transformation. Our new Extreme Capital Solutions department is here to help!

How Can You Transform Without High Costs?

Extreme Capital Solutions (ECS) provides flexible financing to customers, partners, and prospects looking to acquire Extreme Networks’ solutions. Since technology is an integral part to the success of any business strategy when it comes to acquiring networking products, financial payment plans can make your buying process smoother and simpler. ECS helps identify the program that makes the most economic sense for you from among the portfolio of financial solutions such as; financing, leasing, and a subscription-based model. 

Q&A with Extreme’s Senior Director of Capital Solutions

While speaking with Lisa Paquette-Nelson, the Senior Director of Extreme Capital Solutions, we discussed Capital Solutions and how organizations can dominate their digital transformation. Below is our Q&A where Lisa outlines how Capital Solutions operate and why businesses in need of digital transformation are no longer held back by budgetary constraints.

Question #1: What is the mission of Extreme Capital Solutions?

Extreme Capital Solutions is here to drive sales, increase revenue, expand Extreme’s customer relationships and market share. We do that by making acquisitions effortless for our customers. We are here to enhance the tools that our partners can use when approaching customers. And to help everybody understand that every sale has two very key components. One is the technology, of course, but the other is the financial component, the acquisition piece. So, for Extreme being able to understand what our customers really need, not only from a technology standpoint, but also how our customers consume that technology. We’re here to provide solutions to that equally important part of the sale.   

Question #2: Why should customers choose Extreme Capital Solutions over other lending institutions?

A customer’s best and most aggressive financing solution will always come from the manufacturer. That’s what makes Extreme unique from other lending institutions. We have financial selling experts in the field who stand right next to our partners and Extreme field sales executives talking and interacting with customers. It’s not unusual for us to get to know the financial buyers and the CFOs of these organizations very well. The people at Extreme Capital Solutions are an asset not only to Extreme, but to our customers as well. 

Question #3: What type of organizations are Extreme Network Subscriptions best suited for? 

Extreme Capital Solutions’ programs are best suited for; corporate customers, government organizations, healthcare organizations, and cloud hosting providers. This is because we can provide greater flexibility to customers than most lending institutions. 

Question #4: What are some additional highlights of Extreme Capital Solutions?

  • Extreme Network Subscription: This subscription model allows organizations to refresh their network infrastructure or adjust the network capacity without needing to purchase more equipment. Therefore eliminating fixed-term commitments which enables customers to continue to invest in scaling all aspects of their business instead of their network. Through this model, Extreme’s customers are also able to reevaluate their subscription with 60 days’ advanced notice, giving our customers additional financial flexibility.
  • Customized Lease Programs: Personalized lease programs enable organizations to acquire the equipment they need today while spreading the payments over several fiscal budgets. This program gives organizations greater flexibility to upgrade and continue to meet increasing performance and availability requirements with little upfront cost.
  • Total Solution Financing: With Total Solution Financing, organizations can fund their network acquisition: hardware, software, services, and associated third-party equipment and services. This option makes it possible to fund purchases and still retain cash reserves.
  • Compensation Plans Available Through Resellers: Extreme offers two compensation plans available through approved Extreme partners. One is a VAR-enabled managed service provider model and the other is a traditional resale model.
  • Technical Support Options: ECS offers financing across all Extreme Networks Service Level Agreements (SLAs), giving organizations the personalized and proactive support needed for large networking environments through our award-winning Global Technical Assistance Center.

Don’t Wait, Dominate Your Digital Transformation Initiatives

Extreme Networks is here to work with you in achieving your organization’s networking goals thanks to our newest department Extreme Capital Solutions. Our flexible solutions help organizations solve any financial obstacle in their purchasing process. Additionally, we’re the only manufacturer in the space confident enough to offer a subscription-based model to customers. If you would like to learn more about any of the options and information discussed above, please visit our Extreme Capital Solutions page or contact our team directly at 1-888-257-3000.

If you’d like to hear more insights from Lisa Paquette-Nelson, listen to the podcast!

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