Networking for a New Era

Kendra Luciano Managing Editor, Content Marketing Published 3 Oct 2019

The demands being put on the network have increased tenfold in recent years. As organizations require more flexibility, agility, and security it can seem impossible to find a solution that does it all. But fret not, we have the answer: fabric networking! Fabric Networking for Dummies, Extreme Networks Edition, is your one-stop guide for all things Fabric.

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace it can be hard to keep up. Luckily, fabric technologies enable a simpler network environment.

  • Protect critical information
  • Do more, faster
  • Improve security
  • Increase stability
  • Deliver a competitive advantage
  • Adapt quickly to changes 

What is Fabric Networking?

It’s no coincidence that fabric networking topology resembles a traditional piece of cloth fabric. The network is woven together into a connectivity mesh to create a more secure, optimized overall solution.

The book dives into the two types of fabric networks, ethernet and IP, as well as the challenges that these technologies address.

What Can You Accomplish with Fabric Networking?

Fabric networking allows you to scale on demand, create redundant paths for high availability and fault tolerance, improve your security with network segmentation, and so much more. You can move from an old legacy network to a modern, scalable, secure network infrastructure that will enable your business to succeed and grow. The network is no longer the bottleneck. It instead becomes the enabler for success.

Fabric Networking for Dummies makes achieving network success easier than ever.

The book includes:

  • Use cases for the different types of fabric networks
  • Key considerations for choosing a fabric technology
  • Advantages of deploying fabric
  • Best practices for network deployments

Download your complimentary copy of Fabric Networking for Dummies here to learn how to create a more agile, flexible, and secure network.

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