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Network Evolution is Mandatory, Are You Ready to Tackle the Next Transformation?

Lisa Yeaton Senior Specialist, Social Media Published 12 May 2019

“The most successful organizations in the future will be the ones that can discover the most unique insights from their data—and this is certainly true of the network.” – ZK Research

In the past, becoming a leader in the market was a result of superior products, low prices, and quality people. Digitalization has changed the paradigm of business competition. Now, being a leader in the market has everything to do with being able to anticipate and adapt to changes rapidly, and ahead of competitors. The problem is, in order to be agile, businesses need a dynamic IT foundation. The enterprise network is of critical importance, but complexity is preventing manageability.

Organizations who want to get ahead must evolve the network—it’s the gateway to digital transformation.

IT Obstacles Slowing the Pace of Innovation, Preventing Network Evolution

  • Network changes take up to four months to implement network-wide, which is far too slow for digital organizations.
  • 58% of network professionals spend more than 25% of their time problem-solving Wi-Fi issues. This includes a whopping 13% that dedicate more than half their time to it.
  • By 2025, there will be 80 billion connected devices, enabling companies to gather massive amounts of data that can be used to discover key insights.

In Digital Transformation Requires an Autonomous Network, ZK Research evaluates why IT leaders should consider an autonomous network as a way of overcoming challenges and modernizing the network.

The network must operate as the foundation for a business, but it’s legacy role as a tactical resource lives on for many enterprises. The transformation from a business necessity to the business itself is a complete overhaul, and now, nearly every enabling technology of digital transformation is network-centric. Consequently, modernizing the network is a priority for IT and business decision makers.

Making the change is no longer about upgrades and software-defined networks. Achieving the necessary operational efficiency and competitive firepower necessary in today’s business environment calls for a complete reconstruction of the way the network operates, as well as the way it’s managed.

The solution for overcoming legacy obstacles: a fully autonomous network that brings together hardware, software, big data, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Adopting the Autonomous Network to Advance in the Marketplace

An autonomous network is the next step in the evolution of networking, building on many of the possibilities software-defined networks have created. The fact is, IoT, cloud, mobility, and big data are the building blocks of digital transformation, and they all rely on the network. A truly autonomous network extends beyond fundamental automation features and self operates.

Just a few benefits of making the shift to the autonomous network:

  • Open solution
  • End-to-end automation
  • Analytics and insights
  • Future-proofed solution with investment protection

Read the white paper, Digital Transformation Requires an Autonomous Network, to get the full details on what enterprises are up against when it comes to leveraging the network in the digital era, and why evolution is mandatory to overcome the challenges.

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