NaaS is Here to Stay

Bob Nilsson Director, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 15 Dec 2020

2020 is a year so many of us wish to forget. When COVID-19 created a global pandemic, businesses were left with little choice other than sending the workforce home and brace for the uncertainly that lay ahead. That meant accelerated digital transformation roadmaps, and increased investment in advanced networking technology to support hybrid work environments.

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) is central to this evolution. In migrating to this more modern approach, organizations are delivered WAN services virtually via subscription. A business simply selects a third-party provider to address configuring routers and protocols, LAN needs, and build out network infrastructure.

Hardware and software is bundled to provide a modern network and empower the enterprise with wired and wireless LAN. Statista expects the wireless LAN connected devices to surpass 22 billion next year; MarketsandMarkets forecasts the wireless LAN market to reach a valuation of $21.1 billion in the same timeframe.

Recent research notes 74% of organizations report moderate to significant impact to employees due to the pandemic, driving nearly 40% of IT leaders to increase investment in cloud-based networks, and 35% to amplify interest in AI-based networking.  

“There was no dry run for COVID. I really think it has escalated all things as a service, but especially networking as a service, because [the pandemic] really turned everything upside down, including budgets,” Chief Revenue Officer for Extreme Networks Joe Vitalone told CRN in a recent interview.

The value of operational agility cannot be highlighted enough, especially as you begin to future proof your network. It’s important to remember an aggressive digital initiative strategy can battle budget obstacles and overcome the challenges of legacy systems. NaaS can win the war on two fronts for your firm: deliver the network agility and performance, while paying for what is consumed, and the peace of mind in knowing your network is future-proof.

The enterprise embracing the NaaS approach is not coming out of left field. Digital transformation is an untenable task for organizations around the globe, as expertise is essential in ensuring the proper components, configuration and protocols are in place. There is no compromise when it comes to your network.

There are no excuses anymore. Digital transformation is not an optional undertaking, and the COVID-19 pandemic is hammering home the importance of the infrastructure supporting operations. The as-a-service game is afoot, and the leaders are pulling away from the pack.

What are your networking needs?

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