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Meet EVA, Our Essential Worker

Aileen Maglalang Partner Experience Manager, Global Channel Programs Published 21 May 2020

As we approach the second half of 2020, a year we will all remember, we’ve come to realize and accept that our lives will never be the same.  As a mom of two kids, a teenager in middle school, and a special needs child in first grade, working from home has been challenging and rewarding in so many ways. Like most parents, we are juggling to maintain our household, homeschool our children through distance learning, and keep them safe, fed, and entertained all while we are on conference calls.

Thankfully, Extreme is ahead of the curve and invested in cloud-driven collaboration tools prior to the pandemic, and I’ve been able to work from home seamlessly – one less stress for all Extreme employees.

Extreme has also made other investments well in advance that benefit our customers and partners in the new normal. For example, we recently launched Extreme Virtual Assistant (EVA), our 24/7 chatbot for partners. EVA is accessible via the partner portal and is dedicated to answering common questions that our partners may have. EVA can answer topics such as:

  • Deal Registrations: “Did my deal registration get approved?”
  • Marketing Campaigns: “Is there a webinar on the benefits of ExtremeCloud IQ?”
  • Rebates: “Am I eligible for the rebate program?”
  • Training:When is the next training session on Cloud?”
  • MDF: “How can I submit my MDF claim?”
  • Pricing: “Can I access the latest pricing list?”
  • And more…

We understand its more crucial than ever for partners to access, engage, and get answers in real-time – morning or night! EVA improves the partner experience by providing information, tools, and answers to specific queries in real-time or immediately escalating more complex questions to our subject matter experts.

Our partners are relentless in supporting and enabling customers – even in these uncertain times. As the newest cutting-edge tool in our award-winning partner program we expect EVA to add simplicity and save time so partners can focus on helping end users advance and transform their networks.

We encourage our partners to login to PartnerEngage and chat with EVA today!

To become an Extreme partner, click here.

Here are a few words about EVA (Extreme Virtual Assistant) from Chief Marketing Officer, Wes Durow.



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