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Making the Case for Security Cameras in Colleges and Schools

Bob Nilsson Director, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 16 Mar 2017

Cameras in schools and classrooms have been shown to deter violence, theft, and bullying—and help police respond to unfolding incidents. At the same time, their presence raises questions about privacy, the nature of learning spaces, and intellectual freedom. What does it take to secure classrooms while preserving an institution’s primary mission of education? 

“A video recording could be the one thing that saves a teacher’s job when there are false accusations of misbehavior, and could protect a student from a teacher who is abusing them verbally, emotionally, or even physically.”

A new white paper, produced with eCampus News, entitled, Making the Case for Security Cameras in Schools and Collegesgives detailed guidance to help justify, plan, implement, and manage video camera deployments in K-12 and higher education schools. The white paper includes expert advice, legal considerations, and case history experience. 

“We established early on that the cameras were a tool to deter harmful activity and protect students,” said Superintendent David Richards. “Criminal and disciplinary incidents declined almost immediately. Once students realized that the cameras were active, they were a strong deterrent.”

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Where should video cameras be used in schools? Results from the survey/infographic Video Cameras in the Classroom, 800+ respondents.

Five Keys To A Successful Camera Implementation

  1. Identify and understand the security issues that need to be addressed.
  2. Solicit input and buy-in from teachers, employees, students, and parents.
  3. Involve key constituent groups, legal counsel, and facilities/IT in the development of detailed strategies and policies.
  4. Review institutional infrastructure needs, including bandwidth, cabling, and storage options.
  5. Conduct a phased roll-out, starting with areas where security concerns are highest.


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