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Looking At Clouds From Above

Bill Lundgren Director, Product Management for Cloud Operations and Architecture Published 22 Jun 2020

Oscar Wilde said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”  Recently, we’ve seen some of our competitors blatantly making their products look very much like ExtremeCloud IQ by almost copying our Cloud View page. To that, we say, “thank you!”

Cloud View is a feature we have had in ExtremeCloud IQ for a bit over a year, built by one of my peers, Marko Tisler, who also recently enhanced the tab with additional info.  Cloud View is your view above the cloud. It’s a place for you to succinctly digest the scope and breadth of ExtremeCloud IQ’s footprint and how the product is being used. This is the “30,000-foot view”.

The Cloud View page begins by showing you the sheer size of ExtremeCloud IQ. Here we highlight the number of active virtual instances, managed devices, cloud-based Private Pre-Shared Keys, and active clients, along with the map of where some of the largest pools of devices are located. 

Next, in the Cloud Infrastructure section, we show a breakdown over the past year of the number of management events processed by the cloud. A management event is anything we’ve processed such as a configuration push, information about connected device status, application summaries, and all other exchanges of information between the managed access points and switches and Cloud IQ. On average, it’s about 5 billion events per day.

Further shown, we showcase the number of devices under both Pilot and Connect subscription levels. Pilot subscriptions are paid subscriptions that unlock the full power of ExtremeCloud IQ, while users leveraging Connect accounts are using our free tier, which allows limited features and functions within the product. 

We also show within Cloud View the number of admin logins per day. Generally, we see about 15,000-20,000 logins to ExtremeCloud IQ per day


In addition to the other insights we provide, we also present a view so that you can compare your install to others based on the most popular devices we see deployed. The connected devices by type graphs are broken down by AP and switch/router segments allowing you to view the most popular devices in the cloud.

Client Insights within Cloud View highlight the sheer amount of traffic we’re processing per day.  Access points and switches managed by ExtremeCloud IQ inspect and process over 6PB of traffic daily. Statistics about that information gets feed into our core engines for AI/ML and management views to allow you to understand what’s happening on your network and why. That extrapolates to 180PB of data per month, or roughly 2.1 Exabytes of data per year that we process and are using to insert statistical information into Cloud IQ. How big is an Exabyte? In an older UC Berkley study, they estimated that all of the words ever spoken by humans could be stored using 5 Exabytes. We’re getting statistics on ½ of that per year. All of that data allows our cloud view to have far greater trending and analysis than anyone who’s copied us. Now that’s the power of cloud! 

Client Insights details information about active clients per hour and unique clients per day. This graph clearly shows the impact of work-from-home situations created by COVID-19. If you look at both charts, the number of connected clients is reduced by over 50% as workers retreated from their corporate networks and used their home environments.

A situation develops in those home environments, where now that users are working away from the corporate network, you have limited view to troubleshoot wireless and latency issues. No longer can you leverage simple access mechanisms like PPSK. This is why Extreme also offers our XR series routers and ATOM AP’s, so that the power of seamless VPN and enterprise-grade WiFi, coupled to the power of ExtremeCloud IQ management can be easily extended to the home, allowing users to use enterprise-grade WiFi without complexity, while giving you the information you need to manage your environment.

In the last 4 panes we have some basic donut graphs showing how connected clients break down, by OS, typical channel configuration, spatial stream support, and connection mode.  Of all of these graphs, the spatial stream information is more telling. Even though many vendors are pushing mGig switches and 8×8 AP’s, over 98% of the devices connecting are either 2×2 or 1×1 MIMO devices.

Using your Client 360 and Network 360 views for your own Cloud IQ instance can show you details as to where your own network stacks up against these combined metrics from all 700+ thousand devices we manage. 

There’s a lot of information on one page. I’m glad we could help others in this industry by setting the stage for them to copy it. 

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