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Keeping The Cloud Under Control With Centralized Architecture

Bill Lundgren Director, Product Management for Cloud Operations and Architecture Published 29 Jun 2021

There are some universal truths that can’t be denied. Water is wet. The sky is blue. And cloud infrastructure is the future of business networking. Any company that hopes to thrive in the modern, digital economy, must consider the endless benefits that come out of using cloud technology for operational efficiency. Harnessing private business data can provide new insights into employee and consumer behavior, giving business leaders new information to generate more revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

The surge in cloud usage is certainly beneficial but does pose risks to those with unprotected architecture. As more businesses shift toward the cloud, cyber threats become more serious as hackers and criminals become more knowledgeable about cloud exploits. Not all cloud architectures are alike, and not all security measures are enough to stop sophisticated attacks that can cause serious damage to the economical health of any operation. During this year’s Extreme Connect I held the virtual discussion on How Extreme Delivers Data Privacy, Sovereignty, & Protection, view the full on-demand session below.

Businesses looking to reap the benefits of the cloud should have a deep understanding of how network service providers handle private company data and security measures, to ensure operations are never compromised and left vulnerable. This discussion details how Extreme’s CloudIQ orchestration system can help network administrators gain complete control over all access points, manage IoT devices, secure historical private data, and scale resources across multiple locations. 

Bill Lundgren speaking on Data protection with ExtremeCloudIQ.

The benefits of an advanced cloud network could be the key element to the future success of any business but means nothing if the security of that network is compromised. Understanding the ins- and -outs of security, data privacy, and network monitoring is necessary for picking the right cloud deployment for any business.

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