Jefferson County Schools Select Extreme Solutions for Improved Network Performance

Gordon Mackintosh Vice President, Worldwide Channels Published 27 Jun 2018

It’s no secret that education at all levels is changing at a rapid pace, with new technology entering the classroom at rapid pace, helping to foster student growth and create additional learning opportunities. To keep pace with these changes, IT departments recognize that they must effectively and proactively manage their network to support the latest technology initiatives embraced by educational institutions around the world.

For this reason, Jefferson County Schools (JCS), a K-12 public school district in Tennessee, knew that it needed to change its approach to network management. Like many public school districts around the country, JCS found many issues with its network, including unmanaged switches, lack of wireless connectivity and outdated computers. Simply put – the school district could not continue to meet evolving IT needs with current procedures, and needed the support of a trusted partner to provide a cost effective, high-performance solution.

We’re proud that JCS found that Extreme had the solutions to meet its needs through our channel partner, PCS. The company worked with JCS to determine exactly what they needed to deploy a high-performing network to deliver a robust and efficient solution.

Notably, out of more than 400 channel partners, PCS was the first of Extreme’s entire global partner base to become an “ExtremeWireless™ Specialist” by completing the training necessary within our ExtremeWireless Specialization Program, which is offered through the Extreme Partner Network. The specialization program enables global channel partners to deliver the wireless solutions customers require in order to increase productivity and extend applications beyond the wired network. It was because of this certification that JCS felt PCS had unsurpassed skills and qualifications to deliver a superior student experience through wireless solutions.

After diligently working with the team at PCS, JCS’s technology team has become one of the more advanced IT departments in East Tennessee, and the newly implemented technology and management tools have significantly improved efficiency within the department. With Extreme’s solutions, customer satisfaction throughout the district has also greatly improved, and the use of mobile devices within the classroom has dramatically enriched the student experience.

We’re excited to have been a part of a drastic network transformation that delivers the most innovative, leading networking solutions for a school system that needed it. Even better, JCS can continue to deploy innovative, budget-conscious initiatives for its school community. We’re looking forward to seeing how the system progresses now and into the future!


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