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Intelligent Use of Intelligence

Chuck Brooks Architect, Healthcare Solutions Published 20 Aug 2021

As we clear the fog of the pandemic, galvanize the workforce to return to the office, and revitalize retail stores, we do so with technology in tow. Smart building technology powered with location intelligence encourages safer interactions and improved visitor experiences.

Retail shopping is reeling, and taking a Monday morning quarterback approach to the holiday season doesn’t necessarily breed confidence. A California mall shopper noted in December, “I do feel scared. … A lot of us don’t follow the rules. That’s the problem. The virus is in the air.”

Smart building technology is in a unique position to quell these fears. Its implementation does not require a herculean effort, just wise partner selection. As many questions arise about retail shopping and what we can expect from the future in-store experience, organizations offering safe and enjoyable shopping experiences will see the dust settle.

Extreme Networks and Pointr partnered to lead the chargeback toward business as the new usual. ExtremeWireless Access Points pick up Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals from tags and smartphones within a facility send raw data to the Pointr Deep Location platform leveraging ExtremeLocation APIs. From there, Pointr’s engine delivers exact location of assets, employees, and guests. Building management opens Pointr Cloud and can access digital mapping as well as additional analytics and location-based services.

Employees download the WorkSafe contact tracing app that leverages geofencing technology to automatically check them in while entering the building. If a team member tests positive, managers can rapidly and easily disperse that information to at-risk employees and promote a safer work environment. There’s a responsibility in managing today’s workforce, as we aren’t exactly out of the coronavirus woods.

WorkSafe allows management to track not only occupancy and congestion but also ensure cleaning compliance. The Pointr Mobile SDK points the data to Pointr Deep Location and Pointr Cloud, where there is easy access to occupancy analytics, heat maps, people flows, shining a spotlight on areas of improvement, such as changing layouts to avoid bottlenecks.

In addition to people movements, a mall, for instance, must also track rental carts, trolleys, and other assets. Location visibility enables management to better corral carts when day closes, but also highlights suggested shifts in positioning or routes to improve the shopping experience.

There is much we cannot control, so let’s control what we can – the guest experience.

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