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Insights Into Your Data Help You Make the Right Business Decisions

Bettina Baumgart Senior Manager, Product Marketing Published 14 Aug 2018

Most likely you are in the middle of your digital transformation, as most businesses are. According to Gartner the highest IT spending for enterprises are is in the area of digitization. And along that, application software spending is expected to continue to rise through 2019.

Now you have all these applications running on your network, how can you use them for better decision making?

The network and your applications can provide you real-time data that you can use to take the right actions:

  1. Collect your data

    First, you have to collect data. This is where the network infrastructure plays a major roll. Your switches, APs, every hop across the network can be turned into a collection point for rich data. Information about your applications and their users, their locations, what type of device they use. This is the power of the infrastructure that can expose and collect data so you can take advantage of it.

  1. Secure your data

    These data you are collecting are your intellectual property. They are about your customers and need to be protected. Again, the infrastructure takes an important role in protecting your data: whether it is about encryption, network access control, monitoring what applications are running on your network, and what IoT devices are connected.

  1. Analyze your data

    Analytics make sense of your data, sort them, correlate them and turn them into actionable information that are easy to read and consume. Best if they leverage immerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning that help us see different trends, connect the dots and act as a crystal ball to give actionable insights.

  1. Use data insights to drive business

    With the insights gained through network and application analytics, you can make business decisions on how your business needs to change, pivot in an agile market. Or unlock a new customer experience to make your business successful or gain market share.

Our customer, Antenne Bayern, one of Germany’s largest private radio broadcasters, took advantage of our application analytics as part of their digital transformation. They’re analyzing their application data to optimize capacity planning of their broadcasting services and use it to make data-based business decisions. So far, they’ve improved their overall business efficiency, IT processes, and user experiences.

“Thanks to ExtremeAnalytics we can now see potential issues in the network before they turn into actual issues, and at the same time we can proactively take action to prevent them.” – Michael Kerscher, Technical Lead at Antenne Bayern

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Application analytics enable you to take advantage of the data you are collecting by making them easily accessible as actionable insights. Learn how our ExtremeAnalytics solution can do just that for you, read our ExtremeAnalytics solutions overview. If you can read German, you can learn more about how Antenne Bayern took advantage of our analytics solution here.

Our new eBook, How Data Analytics Increase Business Value and Give Rise to a Competitive Edge, dives deeper into the importance and benefits of application analytics.

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