Inflection Points Episode 8: Digital Diagnoses

Extreme Office of the CTO Office of the CTO Published 11 Jun 2021
Inflection Points is a podcast about technology and big ideas from the office of the CTO at Extreme Networks. One of our responsibilities here at the Office of the CTO is to consider upcoming changes in the market and in technology in a variety of different verticals. Healthcare in particular is an industry that you know largely relies on paper. In a pre-pandemic world a trip to the doctor involved signing forms, writing prescription, updating medical records. But, as a patient in the last 12 months, we’ve seen some changes. But will it accelerate in the future? Technological advances are poised to make remote healthcare our new normal. Hosts Tim Harrison and Carla Guzzetti of Extreme Networks speak with Extreme’s healthcare tech specialist Doug McDonald, on healthcare’s transformation.
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