Improving Patient Experiences

Marco Mautone Senior Manager, EMEA Marketing Published 29 Feb 2016

Who doesn’t believe there are opportunities to improve patient engagement and convenience within our healthcare system. And as critical as keeping appointments, getting lab tests and picking up prescriptions are to patient wellness, navigating the healthcare system can be complex and time consuming. 

Having a digital companion goes a long way to help people with their day-to-day commitments. Adding even more useful information can amplify a patient’s engagement in ways that until recently, were not possible.

For example:

Where do I park?

How do I get to the pharmacy where I will be picking up medications?

How can I make sure my family has all the information my doctor and I want to share?

The solution is an experience engine that is mobile, easy to use with real time and personalized information. 

TE2 has created an experience engine that powers personal experiences for patients by tailoring them for each individuals’ needs, all triggered around location, identity and time.

TE2 gives contextual insights for the patient, raising the level of customer service inquiries while improving empathetic care from start to finish. The TE2 eXperience-as-a-Service (XaaS) platform turns insights into tailored experiences that engage and serve both patient and provider.

So why does patient experience matter?

Healthcare can be complex whether it’s simply going to the doctor for a routine check-up or for serious ongoing conditions. Timely information is a key factor in helping patients improve their health, wellness and peace of mind. TE2 works with providers to offer information before, during and after in-person visits.

On their smartphone, patients can understand and be guided throughout the wellness/treatment steps. 

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Let’s take a first-time meeting with a doctor. Simple reminders give a date and time. In addition to the appointment time, the platform shows proximity of the parking lot to the office, helping to take away potential frustrations before even getting to the doctor. The platform can simply guide patients to the doctor’s office.

After the appointment, the platform can guide patients to the hospital pharmacy, send follow-up information to improve aftercare, and even introduce patients to new services a hospital or physician’s office can provide.

With TE2’s experience platform, hospitals can create and deliver scalable, engaging experiences for patients and families before, during, and after the patient visit. 

The platform uses five touchpoints to tailor each experience: Identity, Proximity, Time, Automated Messaging, Real-time Information.

Personal messages can be sent based on patient preferences and their individual medical needs and behaviors. That information helps trigger important information for the patient, delivering messages based on time of day, appointment time, and relevance. The platform can even guide patients to where they need to go once they’re inside the facility.


Template-driven workflows allows for automated messages to be delivered easily to each individual based on segmentation data.  The platform can also react instantly to the unexpected by creating and sending messages to patients in real-time.


Caregivers understand that any doctor or hospital visit can be overwhelming at times, even for the healthiest of people. Being able to reach the right patients at the right moments on their own devices removes barriers which can lead to better care and better health for all.


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