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How To Increase Customer Loyalty with PartnerWorks

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 18 Apr 2019

An Introduction to Extreme PartnerWorks

Partners are increasingly seeing the value in offering a broad range of service and support solutions to customers for Extreme Networks equipment. Selling advanced services not only offers the potential for increased revenue and profitability, but also the potential for better customer satisfaction and the opportunity for repeat business.

What if you could leverage Extreme’s #1 rated services and support infrastructure while you build your expertise? Now there’s a way: PartnerWorks brings rewards for service infrastructure investment, as well as high-quality performance.

PartnerWorks program is a framework that allows Extreme to sell its PartnerWorks offering to partners who have made an investment in service delivery. The program is designed to compensate the top partners that meet the requirements and excel with their the sales and delivery metrics, selling new services, renewing existing services, and for delivery, it’s managing RMAs and call quality. 

PartnerWorks includes a number of components:

  • Co-delivery services that augment service delivery
  • Comprehensive offerings with a variety of response times to fit your unique needs
  • Parts and onsite delivered directly to end customer by Extreme on your behalf
  • Use of Extreme Networks infrastructures to reduce partner inventory requirements

“Typically, channel partners rely on manufacturers to provide support. The Extreme PartnerWorks offering is designed to coexist with partner-branded offerings, so if you’re reselling data center solutions, and part of a bid or proposal is to support the data center equipment, your customers really don’t know that it’s Extreme on the back end helping to provide support.”  Bryan Koyano, PartnerWorks Program Manager, Extreme Networks


Why PartnerWorks is the Key to Service Business Growth

In many ways, PartnerWorks can be the key to robust service business growth.

First off, it allows you to maintain ownership of the customer relationship through the selling and managing of support contracts to meet their business goals and objectives. You’re also enabled to take on the role of solution provider, taking advantage of the opportunity to advise on technology decisions and further enhance the customer relationship.

Not to mention, PartnerWorks promotes and sustains differentiation from other partners by demonstrating to customers the ability to deliver and provide your own high-quality technical services. This creates a greater potential for increased partner service revenue on an ongoing basis.

Finally, offering your customers a single point of contact will increase satisfaction and retention.

  • Partners brand their own services with Extreme Networks support
  • Services sold to partners to support their customer offerings
  • The customer contacts the partner for support
  • Support is delivered to the partner by Extreme Networks standard offerings

If you’re looking to sell more services and increase customer loyalty via your service infrastructure, Extreme PartnerWorks is a great option. Co-delivery services will augment your own service delivery and includes comprehensive offerings with a variety of response times. 

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